Bland Beginnings | 4 Ways to Bring New Life into a Lacklustre Office

Dull office spaces are a dime a dozen, and this doesn’t seem to be a trend that is evolving quickly, in any capacity. The white walls, grey carpet and plain desks usually speaks volumes about how much the people who set up the office care about the people who work in it, which can be very demotivating for the workers themselves.

Spicing up the office design is not only a great way to treat your employees to a bit of variety in their day-to-day, 9-5 jobs, but also serves to provide a better face to the potential clients coming through for meetings or other business-related events. Maybe your boardroom needs an OS boardroom table, or maybe your receptionists need better back support in their chairs, either way, an overhaul fixes these very problems and more.

Lighting Overhaul

Lighting is important in an office. Fluorescent tubes can light up a place easily, but the harsh white light provided, followed by the empty-sounding buzz can make a place very depressing to return to every day, and therefore can be replaced to add an effect of freshness to the workplace. LED lights are lower cost and brighter, as well as being longer-lasting, making them the perfect choice for re-fitting the lighting in your office.

Interior Decorated

Bringing in a fit out company is a good idea, as they have much of your needed furniture on-hand, and that makes the wait a bit more bearable for your new-feeling office. An office that has been properly designed and decorated by an interior decorator can increase worker productivity, increase worker satisfaction and even decrease worker injury rates, as better quality chairs can have better effects on back issues reported by many office workers. Before rushing out to move into a whole new building, try an interior decorator.

New Carpet, New Office

Ripping up your old carpet to replace it with new carpet is a good way to give the “same-old carpet” feeling a bit of a break from being present in every worker’s dull imaginings of the place. Imagining coming to work one day and finding a brand new colour scheme strewn all over the floor, it would breathe a breath of fresh air into an otherwise contained and dull building.

New carpet also gives a chance for a change of materials, moving away from the super rough stuff and onto a more modern, softer carpet. The end result of a better carpet is more light reflected into a room, if the colour has been lightened a bit, which can raise the cheeriness of a place substantially. Emotion is closely tied in with a person’s productivity, and appealing to that side of your workers’ lives is a great way to revitalise your office space.

Open Up Your Plans

A closed-plan office is terrible for productivity because it allows everyone a private space to privately waste time, whereas an open plan office takes away that private aspect, but it does allow everyone to be more communicative and directly interactive with each other, which can lead to increased productivity. A completely redone office layout is a key step in achieving the company’s goals for productivity, and a brand new office layout with new furniture can also revive the common “lacklustre” office space irrevocably.

All up, a lacklustre office can be detrimental to the amount of work done in an office space, which means it should be of the utmost importance to managers and workers alike.

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