Chic Effect- Zebra Print Accents in 10 Sensational Living Rooms

The best way to enhance the visual appearance of the living room is by adding bold,nature inspired pattern or animal print that will surely bring opulent and super chic appearance. In geenral all animal print have the power to bring sensual and chic appearance, but our personal favorite is zebra print and its monochromatic, high contrast nature. Zebra print as an accent in the living room will utterly help in creating a bold visual effect and boosting up the visual noise and texture of the interior. If you feel like your living room lacks that special visual effect, then think about zebra print, works as a charm. Check out the bellow showcase of 10 Living rooms with amazing zebra print accents. Enjoy!


Zebra Print Pillows  In Chalet Living Room

Zebra Print Pillows In Chalet Living RoomImage Credit: AD

It’s ingenious how the zebra print decorative pillows bright up the rather gloomy living room and bring lively, opulent charm in the chic interior. We love the plain and wide pattern visually stretching through out the living room and working as bold, chic visual effect in the interior. Gorgeous!


Cool Mid Century Living Room with Zebra Rug

Cool Mid Century Living Room with Zebra RugImage Credit:vogue

The authentic zebra print rug brings elegance and sophisticated note in a rather lively, ecstatic living room with pop of vibrant, pastel colors and easy going charm. The zebra print rug makes a chic statement and creates beautiful visual noise in the living room.


Spacious Bright Living Room with Zebra Armchair

Spacious Bright Living Room with Zebra ArmchairImage Credit:house beautiful

We love how the zebra wing back chair works as an accent in the spacious living room and brings chic character in the rather neutral and classical living room. Astonishing!


Contemporary Living Room with Zebra Rug

Contemporary Living Room with Zebra RugImage Credit:ele decor

The noisy zebra rug totally adapts the effortlessly cool setting of this interior and moreover bring sophisticated, elegant and chic vibe in the contemporary living room.


Sensual Living Room with Zebra Print

Sensual Living Room with Zebra PrintImage Credit:AD

The zebra print rug make a perfect break through in the black, dramatic living room with pops of white and tangerine. The zebra print adds a safari chic moment in a overall elegant and dramatic living room.


Chic Bedroom with Zebra Accent

Chic Bedroom with Zebra AccentImage Credit:design file

Perfect combination of chic and ecstatic! The bold zebra print rug against the polka doted artwork make eclectic statement and cool pattern asymmetry, providing this interior with bold, dramatic and chic visual appearance.


Rustic Modern Living Room with Zebra Accent Chair

Rustic Modern Living Room with Zebra Accent ChairImage Credit:freshome

We love the spacious, tall living room in a one color scheme, it looks clean and vibrant. However, the place would look rather sterile and monotone if there wasn’t for the super bold zebra accent armchair that strikes through the plain whiteness and burst with dramatic, chic pattern.


Break -Through Zebra Print Rug In Monochromatic Living Room

Break -Through Zbera Print Rug In Monochromatic Living RoomImage Credit:home design lover

The navy blue living room reflects utterly vibrant, refreshing and dynamic ambiance, while the zebra print rug strike through with dramatic pattern and brings elegant and chic vibe in the beautiful interior.


Luxurious Living Room with Zebra Print Ottoman

Luxurious Living Room with Zebra Print OtomanImage Credit:AD

We love how subtle and elegant is this zebra print ottoman with beautiful and soft texture, is utterly charming and brings super sophisticated and lovely accent in this elegant living room.


Feminine Living Room with Zebra ottomans

Feminine Living Room with Zebra otomansImage Credit:bhg

The overall feminine and charming setting of this lovely interior is perfectly sublimed by the two zebra print ottomans that provide the interior with lovely pattern and boost up the chic appearance in the place.


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