Destination Driven – 6 Choices For the Budding House Buyer


Whether you are looking for a first home, a retirement investment, or anything in between, house hunting can be daunting. There are so many things to chose from; the location, the size the style, flats, apartments, empty blocks, etc. the list can go on forever! Here are six things to consider when buying a property.

  1. Build or Buy?

When you are looking at existing properties there is always a chance that you will never find a property that is exactly what you want. Well, there is another option, groups like Enso Luxury Home Builders can build any design you like! If you want an in-between option, there are also plenty of building companies who have a range of designs to choose from and will build these from scratch.

This allows you to have as much control as you like over the age and style of your home.

Although doing it the traditional way can be just as satisfying, it may end up being a shorter period of time before you can move in than a full build would take.

  1. Regional or Suburban?

Once you are settled on your plan of attack you should consider the things that vary the farther you get from the big cities. Inner city homes are going to be much smaller than homes further out, and the price will be higher. The more remote the home, the cheaper it will be. However, this also means that a profit upon sale is less guaranteed. Plus, if you buy a lot of land in a regional area and your house isn’t right on the street, you may have to pay extra to get connected up to power, gas and the internet.

  1. Where Should I Go?

You know the saying: location location location! Whatever your reason for purchase it is important to know what your goals are for the property and pick a location that best suits your needs. There are dozens of things to keep in mind such as resale value, cost, public transport, noise, traffic, are there schools/ workplaces near by, are you close enough to family and friends, crime rates, etc. Everyone’s idea of an ideal place to live or buy is completely subjective and different so you need to really know what you want before you start the search.

  1. What is ‘Ideal’ Worth to Me?

The next thing to know is how much you want to spend and what you can afford, because this figure or range will give you a pretty clear indication of what and where will be available to you. Once you know the rough area you want to live in, you can start to explore properties that are within your means and you are one step closer to ownership!

  1. Is the Commute Worth it?

Recent research into happiness has shown that people who sacrifice a little space or a little extra money on their homes, in exchange for a shorter commute, are happier in the long term than people who live further away from school or work to get the house or the price they want at the time. So you need to consider the transport options in the area where you want to buy, and what length of time you are really willing to sit in a car or on PT everyday.

  1. Do You Want the View?

Where you buy can have other advantages to just simply meeting your needs, there are the finer things in life to consider! Do you want to be beach front? Or have the City at your door? Some lifestyle factors to consider are; the kinds of other people that live in the area, are there parks, places to ride your bike, a nightlife, shopping and food options, cafes and bars? There is more to life than simply the practical so consider your surroundings for more than just the sensible stuff and you’ll thank yourself for it!

As long as you know what you want and what is realistically available to you, you should be able to find the property that is right for you!

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