Exposed Brick Walls In 10 Cool Dining Room Design Ideas

By know you have surely noticed our deep fascination for the exposed brick walls and its immensely big role in creating a dashingly cool and contemporary visual effect in the interior. Dining room with exposed brick walls tend to reflect cheery,cool and upbeat ambiance and has a super industrial and contemporary appearance. In case you are choosing a style for your dining room, we have cool idea for you: Don’t choose style, choose brick walls and the style will choose you.In order to provide with cool and inspiring decorating ideas we selected the best dining rooms with exposed brick walls which you can check in below. Enjoy!


Tall Dining Room With Brick Wall

Tall Dinign Room With Brick WallsImage Credit: Decorative homes

The tall design of this dining room allows this interior to pull of the bold and dramatic appearance. The brick walls enhanced with multiply windows provide this interior with both opulent, warm and  natural, bright ambiance. Just superb!


Bright Dining Room with brick walls

Bright Dining Room with brick walls

Image Credit:Ad

The built in kitchen shelves in combination with the brick walls and eclectic mismatched dining chairs provide this dining room with dazzling industrial and cool ambiance. The brick walls bring warmth and rustic charm in the rather white, industrial dinning interior.



Attic Dinign Room with Brick Walls

Attic Dinign Room with Brick Walls

Image Credit: design files

The attic is a rare but yet cool place for creating a dining room. This dining room in particular looks dashingly cool and refreshing due to the exposed brick walls and the advanced architecture of the slopped roof ceiling. The brick walls strikes through the white walls and bring urban and cozy vibe in the beautiful open plan dining room.


Natural Dining Room with White Brick Walls

Natural Dining Room with White Brick WallsImage Credit: digs digs

We love the dreamy grayish hue of this cool, rustic dining room with white washed exposed brick walls. The brick walls create a superbly refreshing and vibrant foundation in the modern and contemporary dining room.


Modern Dining Room with Brick Walls

Modern Dining Room with Brick WallsImage Credit:decor hub

Extremely adorable and fabulous. We love the contemporary setting and the long dining table from reclaimed wood and iron, but above all we love the medium tanned bricks decorated with Annie Hall movie poster. Absolutely Gorgeous!


Indsutrial  Dining Room with Brick Walls

Indsutrial Dining Room with Brick Walls

Image Credit:homedepot

The industrial charm of this dining room is utterly reflecting cool and dramatic ambiance. The  winter tan shade of the brick walls bring dashingly warm and cozy ambiance in the place, while the exposed vents and stainless steel pendant emphasize the industrial charm of the interior.



Eclectic Chic Dining Room with Brick Walls

Eclectic Chic Dining Room with Brick WallsImage Credit:decorpad

Perfect blend of elegant and contemporary. We love the color washed brick walls in the spacious dining room and how it creates loose and soothing ambiance in the utterly vibrant interior with pops of pink.


Cozy Dinign Room with Brick Walls

Cozy Dinign Room with Brick WallsImage Credit:dwell

This is a perfect homey dining room with urban and cool appearance. The tanned brick walls create the cool loft appearance, while the soothing pops of white and natural wood dining set brings cozy and warm charm.


Contemproary  Dining Room with Brick Walls

Contemproary Dining Room with Brick WallsImage Credit:houzz

The bricks wall works as a rustic visual effect in the overly sleek and cool dining room. We love the rustic nature of the exposed brick walls and how they create a totally vibrant and dynamic ambiance in the interior.



Chic Dining Room with Brick Wall

Chic Dining Room with Brick WallsImage Credit:pinterest

This classic dining room attain the cool and urban look due to the exposed brick walls that make a super contemporary and modern statement in the white interior.


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