Finest tips to keep your modular kitchen organized

A kitchen that provides plenty of work space and enough storage space to de-clutter the surrounding is the dream of many. When everything is in its designated space, it also gets easier preparing, cooking, and cleaning easier and even fun. Modular kitchens of today provide the perfect opportunity to beef up the storage space and make maximum use of the cabinetry and available room. Depending upon the design of modular kitchen, you can achieve plenty as opposed to traditional kitchens. Modular kitchens are in fact created to make the kitchen work easy and make it an equally lively part of the household. Here are some easy DIY tips to keep your modular kitchen organized.


A well-organized kitchen design from SleekWorld



It might seem surprising how color can help in organization, but it can be one of the most useful tools. Apart from the fact that rightly painted walls and complimenting flooring can lighten up the mood and make the room feel spacious, colors can also help you segregate cabinetry. Colors can define where you keep your spices, vegetables, utensils, tea utensils, coffee & tea jars, cereals, etc. replacing the right thing in the right cabinet makes it easier to find it later and gradually you even grow a habit for it.



Modular kitchens provide ample options for storage. From under the table cabinets to handing hooks for regularly used utensils and cups, proper storage cuts out the clutter and arranges things in order. Heavy containers are usually kept in the lower drawers, close to the floor, while lighter jars and plates can be kept on overhead cabinets attached to the walls. Modular kitchens doesn’t restrict the storage to the floor space only, as you can understand from above, you can effectively use your walls and even hanging lines for unique storage.


Arrangement of utensils

Pots and pans can be arranged according to their weight and size. To save space, you can even arrange by using a vertical arrangement wherein the biggest pot is at the base and the smallest at the top. It is also preferable to keep the lids of each pot by its side. When it comes to using it, it will be easier to find both at a single place. Put all the regularly used utensils in one cabinet and other miscellaneous items (that you will need only in special occasions) in a separate compartment. Also, when it comes to knives, spoons, and other smaller items, have them arranged in special trays available for modular kitchens. Similarly, glassware requires another separate compartment and should be preferably close to the working height. It should be easier to access them, standing in a comfortable position. You don’t want to stumble and break them.


Keep the fridge clean

Refrigerators take in everything hut not everything comes out. The leftover of today is good for a day or two. If you haven’t been able to eat it, through it away. Similarly, always replace your empty sauce bottles, water bottles, etc in time. This will keep the fridge hygienic and inviting.



Always have a trash bin inside the kitchen, possibly under the sink and use trash bags to regularly clean up the mess. You don’t want your kitchen to be smelling bad. Also, kitchens attract bugs the most. Keep the floor clean and allow no cornet to get unnoticed ever.
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