The Hassle Free Spring Cleaning Guide

The annual spring clean is an opportunity to bring back freshness to the home, and for some it is only enjoyable when it’s over. Spring cleaning is not only essential now and then, it can be fun too. Here are some tips to make the spring clean more than just a chore.

Carpet care

Carpet cleaning is more than just the weekly vacuum, and when spring cleaning, the last item on the list should be the carpet. Once a year, call in the professionals, who can turn back time and make the carpets look like new. If one lives in the Perth area, Boas Cleaning Service is the answer, and with state of the art equipment, the carpets will never look better!

Start at the top

Spring cleaning should begin with the ceiling, and a light brush to remove cobwebs and dust can be followed up with a damp cloth. Take a breather after doing this, which will allow the dust and particles to settle.

Cover furniture and carpets

This will prevent the dirt and grime from adding to the problem, and the last thing to do is remove the covers before having the carpet deep cleaned. For those who live in Western Australia, Perth carpet cleaners are easily located with an online search, and will be more than happy to arrange a visit.

Wax wooden furniture

By applying a layer of wax to dining table surfaces, one is protecting the wood from an army of potential threats. Food and drink spills tend to roll off a wax finished surface, not to mention the sheen that it gives to the timber surface.

Enlist family help

Spring cleaning is much easier if there are more hands on deck, and the family can assist in many ways. Make a plan and delegate suitable tasks to family members, and the job will be done in half the time.

Drapes, curtains and blinds

One must take care when cleaning these delicate items, and always check with the manufacturer if in any doubt about cleaning methods. Most curtains can be washed in warm water, and blinds can easily be wiped with a damp cloth.

Wax flooring

Vinyl and linoleum floors can be waxed which offers a high level of protection, and the sheen will enhance the look of the room. If one is unsure about this, contact the manufacturer for specific cleaning information.

Work methodically

Room by room is the best way to tackle a spring clean, and with all hands on deck, even a large home can be spring cleaned in a single weekend. For optimum ventilation, open all the windows before commencing the clean. Don’t forget to either remove or cover furniture before starting work.

Use high quality cleaning products

Cleaning with the wrong solutions can make things worse, and although it might save a few pennies by opting for a cheaper product, the results of the clean might not be to one’s liking.

The once a year spring clean can be an enjoyable experience, if it is done properly, and by involving the whole family, the job is soon complete.

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