10 Fierce Interior Design Ideas with Zebra Print Accent

There are a lot of people among us who enjoy in extravagant pieces and unconventional interior design. Those people are always seeking for new, distinctive decor, unique accessories and one-of -a-kind designs. If you belong to this group of people, than be prepared for something super-cool and exotic, we are going to give away some tips on how to use animal print in interior design, to be exact, the zebra print. The zebra print looks amazingly wild and gorgeous, it embellishes the space and steals the attention immediately. Because of its very striking and catchy appearance, it is good to know that using it smartly and discreetly is essential. Less is more in this case, so a small doze of this fierce black and white print is enough for a wow-effect in your interior design. One more good thing is that it fits and looks tremendous just about everywhere, in each and every corner of your home. We have collected several different interior designs decorated with zebra print accents, so feel free to take a look at them and get inspired into inserting a pop of zebra print into your own home. Read on and enjoy!

Amazing Living Room with Zebra Print Accents

animal-prints-in-home-decor-23Image Credit: Digs Digs

This living room is embellished with smartly put zebra prints on cushions, ottomans and on the floor with this zebra skin looking rug. It makes the whole room vibrant, wild and with a strong character.

Airy Living Room with with Zebra Print Accents

Zebra-Print-Interior-Design-Ideas_18Image Credit: Elmaroc

These two zebra print ottomans strike through this fresh and breezy living room and totally steal the attention. They are the main charmers in the space, providing it with super-vibrant appearance.

Modern Living Room with with Animal Print Accents

dae8cc6d2d12a9ebb82ecf1bb405b8a1 (Copy)Image Credit: Digs Digs

By putting animal prints on the wall, you are achieving dynamic and lively ambiance, and a very striking and catchy look of your living room.

Lovely Dining Room with with Zebra Print Accents

1 (Copy)Image Credit: Giesen Design

Embellish your dining room by adding dining chairs with zebra print design. This will contribute to the lively and fierce ambiance in the spot and will allow you a tremendous dining experience.

Inspiring Hallway with with Zebra Print Accents

Zebra-Print-Interior-Design-Ideas_24Image Credit: Cariedmader

You can liven up your hallway by simply adding two low chairs in a very striking design with zebra print. This will make your hallway anything but a dull one.

Alluring Bedroom with with Zebra Print Accents

Zebra-Print-Interior-Design-Ideas_22Image Credit: Decora Ideas

Insert touch of wildness into your bedroom design by choosing a headboard with zebra accent. This will heat things up in the space and will make it appear untamed, vivacious and super- alluring.

Serene Bedroom with with Zebra Print Accents

Zebra-Print-Interior-Design-Ideas_31Image Credit: Heim Decor

This neutral bedroom is complemented with a gorgeous gray ottoman design with zebra print. The ottoman strikes through the room and steals all the attention.

Impressive Home Office with with Zebra Print Accents

zebra-interior-decorating-3Image Credit: Tocka

How sophisticated does this home office look? Profound deep black setting refreshed with a stylish accent zebra rug for an absolute glamorous and elegant appeal of a home office.

Perky Teenager Girl’s Bedroom with with Zebra Print Accents

Zebra-Print-Interior-Design-Ideas_63Image Credit: Follow Fashion

The zebra print looks amazingly good even in a teenagers room. Check out hos lovely does this chair with zebra print fit in this perky and fun bedroom.

Fierce Bathroom with with Zebra Print Accents

Zebra-Print-Interior-Design-Ideas_41Image Credit: Green Muze

For the ultimate lovers of the zebra print, here’s a bathtub design with the print on it. This tub is so unique and one of a kind, brings a big amount of elegance and style into this bathroom.


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