Remodel Your Bathroom Based on Your Family’s Life style

Bathroom remodels are always exciting and will breathe new life into your home. There are so many designs and ideas out there for you to enjoy. The only problem with these ideas is that they’re never tailored to you. You’re looking at ideas that other families enjoy, families with different lifestyles to yours. What you should do is remodel your bathroom based on your family’s lifestyle. Check out these tips to help you figure out what needs to be done:

Bathroom Size

Your first port of call will be determining the size of your bathroom. Based on your family’s lifestyle, size can be crucial. Let’s say you have a large family that includes more girls than boys. You’re going to need a bathroom with plenty of storage space for all the beauty products that will be bought. You’ll need plenty of cabinet storage to ensure your bathroom doesn’t get cluttered. Small families won’t need as much space and can deal with reduced cabinet storage.


Different members of your family may live a lifestyle that leads them to prefer a bath over a shower. For example, people with high-stress jobs would like a luxury rolltop bathtub to soak in and relax after a hard day. Likewise, you may have family members that play a lot of sports and need a quick shower to wash themselves down. Showers also save time in the morning when everyone is in a rush for work/school. So, the ideal solution is to get both a bath and a shower in your home. The bath is for people to relax in and the shower is for quick washes.


The toilet is often a big topic when it comes to bathroom remodelling. Look at your family and consider the option that suits everyone’s lifestyle best. Do you often have more than one person waiting to use the toilet at once? In which case, it makes sense to have a toilet separate from your bathroom. This can also free up more space in the bathroom itself. Now, when someone is in the bathroom, people don’t have to wait to use the toilet.


Bathroom lighting is more important than some people might think. There is a range of lighting options to suit your family lifestyle. Families with children can get lights that change color and look fresh. This will make bathtime fun for the kids, and they will be looking forward to it all the time! Again, if there are people with stressful jobs that like to relax you can get dimmer switches for the lights. Drop the light level down low while you soak in the bath and de-stress. Don’t just opt for your standard lighting when remodelling your bathroom. Think about your family’s lifestyle and you can jazz up the place.

When you remodel your bathroom based on your family’s lifestyle, you can create something spectacular. Not only will your bathroom look sublime it will also be more functional for your family. You’ll create a room that the whole family will love.

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