Room Ideas – (cool tumblr and teen room ideas, color and DIY ideas, decor ideas for small room)

Room  ideas of decor for the home of their hands – an excellent opportunity to realize themselves in a creative plan. The design of the home and furniture – here you can find a number of ideas. The decor is cuisine, bedroom, child room. The step-by-step photo with commentaries and accessible description of manufacture. As well as the remarkable gifts and crafts will love the loved ones, because they will be made by your hands. As practice shows – all that is their hands, is done from the soul. And all that before you felt superfluous and unnecessary, we’ll  transform and breathe a second Life: vinyl albums, old newspapers, beads and even the old shoes – all of this would become the interesting and unusual ideas for the home. We can help you to decorate the walls, ceiling and of course, your mood.

Room decor ideas

Surely you have the empty vases. Engage them in creating simple, but cute decor. By the way, for this purpose, suitable and empty bottles figural: glass fits harmoniously into any interior.

Even if you just assemble in a nearby park dry twigs and herbs, you can create a stylish autumn arrangement. And regularly updating it with fresh flowers, you’ll get home decor that will never get bored.

Managed to find a large textured branch? Safely hang it on the wall: it will bring to your home decor eco-friendly mood, not only in fashion this season.

room ideas

The geometry of the tree

If a simple walk with the collection of branches you little, natural materials can decorate photo frames and mirrors. How to organize the branches, depends only on your imagination. The advantage of this decor is that it requires no greater care nor rigorous work. Even “shredded” branches will look stylish. In the end, in nature too there is no symmetry.

Of thick knots can make even the clothes hangers or interesting furniture in rustic style. However, it will require more skill and the ability to work not only with glue gun.

room ideas

Fantasy of stone

Stone is more solid material, and therefore, the basis of longevity of the decor. You brought back from vacation a handful of beautiful stones? Place them in a clear dish and cover with water: to wet the stones will show through the expressive drawings of the breed.

Small stones can decorate the frame or put them out of a room of the apartment – in this case you will also need glue, and stones should cover matte or gloss varnish. And even on the rocks, you can make labels and organize a raffle for guests: let everyone get a wish for themselves, and at the same time will retain memory of you.

room ideas

The new life of the old paper

To create a simple decor will come in handy and paper. Two-way cardboard can be cut out butterflies, birds, or leaves and attach to the wall scattering. To achieve the surround effect, figures it’s better to do different size. For this purpose, suitable and old magazines. And, you can cut a few dozen paper circles, vertically to pass through them and thread to decorate doorways. If space allows, hang this to the ceiling installation – get a small paper maze.

room ideas

After the ball

Wine corks, of course, is not as available material, like twigs from a nearby park, but if you are used to get rid of them after the holidays, I advise you to stop. Tube – extremely textured raw materials, and examples of its use to create a decor very much. Even just to pour tube into a wide bowl and put in the living room or kitchen – already design techniques.

What can we say about the decoration part, or entire walls. If you glue the tube on the long side, will be a note board, paper, it is attached the stationery buttons. Tubes of the same size you can put the pots or the whole picture – it all depends on your imagination and the amount of material caught by hand.

room ideas

Room decorating ideas – (Beautiful doesn’t mean expensive)

When it comes to interior decoration, many people mistakenly believe that home comfort is expensive. Today we will dispel the myth and tell you how to decorate the interior practically free.

The magical light

Take your time to remove the holiday lights in the drawer – better to hang them on windows, mirrors, bookshelves and wardrobes, as well as on the ceiling and doorways. Home evening will be comfortable and children will feel fabulous heroes.

room ideas

Aromatic candles

To make the interior more comfortable using other light sources such as candles. Get creative and decorate the candles with flowers or coffee beans. And candle holders you can make from tree bark, junk cans, and even seashells.

room ideas

The collection of jewelry

Beautiful interior decoration can become your collection. So, a stack of books can replace the bedside table and even the leg of the desk. A collection of cameras or decorative plates will be much better on the wall than a bulky glass cabinet. And brought from the sea shells can easily turn into a original decoration – just find them a suitable vessel and decorate it with ribbon or rope.

room ideas

The guests from the past

Modern designers are increasingly decorate interior vintage, and distressed stuff. Follow their example, because any interior will look fresh and unusual, if you combine modern furniture with vintage items art – old chests, trunks, bedside tables, desks and chairs. Inherited from her grandmother the lamp not only effectively diversifies a modern interior, but also give it flavor.

room ideas

Floral decor

Give the interior freshness, garnish it with flowers: houseplants not only go perfectly with any style of decoration, but also purify indoor air. And to make the interior even more cozy, use baskets and milk jugs as a classic vase or pot.

room ideas

Tumblr room ideas – (How to update the interior at zero budget)

Most of us are accustomed to consider the interior of your house or apartment a static concept: made repairs for the next several years enjoying his immutability and monotony. But what if you still wanted to bring a little novelty in the interior, and as time and budget isn’t enough?

Today we will show you several easy ways to redecorate without spending a dime.

Move the furniture

You haven’t once touched the coffee table with his foot, making his way to the sofa. Or sitting with a book at the table by the window, furtively looked at the comfortable armchair, which is poorly lit in the opposite corner.

Analyze the location of all the furniture items in the house and dare going for the permutation. Look at every thing globally, because kitchen chairs can fit perfectly in any interior other living room, and a chair in the living room, ideal in the bedroom.

room ideas

Use the textiles

Sorting out the wardrobes, you will surely find pieces of fabric that have not been used. Armed with a needle and thread and perhaps over the weekend you’ll have to make a few decorative napkins, coasters under hot or even pillow case.

room ideas

Transplant flowers

If you have plants, then it is time to move them into new pots. Look in the pantry – maybe there will be old shoes, tin cans or even the tea set that you will be able to give new life.

room ideas

Hang the pictures

Surely you have at home gathering dust picture frames, donated by once upon a time colleagues or acquaintances. Look in old albums or print your favorite photos from your hard drive and hang them in the frame. You can arrange the collage on the wall or to make a composition on the shelf.

room ideas

Get glowing garlands

No matter how much time is left before the New year – you can create a festive atmosphere in his apartment now. Garlands give a soft side light and create a relaxing atsmosphere in any interior.

room ideas

Don’t hide the book

We’ve learned that books need to be stored in the bookcase, or at least on the bookshelf. But in fact, their unobtrusive presence in various corners of the apartment will make the interior more comfortable and will give him intellectual chic.

Also, large reference dictionaries can serve you as tables.

room ideas

Beat things with a history

It’s time to think about Souvenirs brought from other countries, the frayed carpet, old guitar, a vintage chest or plaster bust of the leader, inherited from her grandmother. All this can serve as interior decoration. Using old symbolic things as an element of decor, you will give to your interior a trendy, eclectic touch.

room ideas

Small room ideas – (How visually to increase the size of the apartment)

Sometimes the apartment feels small, and the feeling that you can reach the wardrobe, sitting on the bed, and the living room seems to be just a large shoe box. Besides, in a small apartment people are often haunted by the feeling that easy around mess.

Designers often give advice on how to maximize a small area of the apartment with the help of cunning tricks.

How to visually enlarge a room with color

The easiest way to increase the visual space – is the change of colors in the decoration. As visually enlarge a room with color?

To make the space look bigger and more spacious – walls and ceiling must be light pastel colors without the inclusion of dark and bright elements. It is necessary to know that white in the design it is better to avoid, contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t increase the space while making the room uncomfortable.

To make the room look longer, one of the walls should be painted in a lighter cool color, than the opposite.

Circular niches with lighting to visually push the wall, increasing the size of the room.

room ideas

How to visually enlarge the room by using wallpaper

If the walls aren’t painted, but pasted wallpaper, it is also possible to visually enlarge the space. The main thing is to follow a number of rules. As visually enlarge the room by using wallpaper:

  • A long narrow room can be expanded with wallpaper in horizontal stripes.
  • Wallpaper with a small pattern increases the room, and with large, opposite, bring the wall to each other, making the room visually smaller. If one wall of wallpaper with a small floral pattern, and opposite the same, but with larger flowers – it will expand the room.
  • Wallpaper in a vertical strip visually increases the height of the ceilings. However, the strip must not be too bright and constructname.
  • The wallpaper is better to choose light cool colors. Well if they are solid.

Making repairs in the room, you should know that when wallpapering, you should avoid horizontal borders. These stripes on the upper edge visually reduce the ceiling.

room ideas

How to visually enlarge the room using mirrors

One of the most effective ways to increase the visual space are mirrors and any reflective surface.

How to visually enlarge the room using mirrors?

It is known that any glossy reflective surface can visually expand the space. So the mirrors in the interior can’t only perform the role required of the accessory, and be a way of increasing the visual or lengthening of the room.

Placing such items should be aware that they must hang vertically only, any distortion will distort the reflection and the room itself.

Glossy stretch ceiling or mirrors on it to visually increase the height, increase the space.

The mirror behind lights gives the room more depth.

Placing a mirror opposite the window, increases the illumination of the room and the space itself.

The Chinese teachings of Feng Shui says that to hang a mirror opposite the bed is impossible. It takes away the life energy of a person who sleeps on it.

To expand the space, you should choose large mirrors on the entire length of the wall, from floor to ceiling and from one end to another. It visually pushes the wall in depth.

Trying to increase the space by using mirrors it is important not to overdo it to the premises has not ceased to be cosy.

room ideas

How to visually enlarge the room by using curtains

In addition to materials for repair, the room can be increased and with the help of accessories. For example, curtains. How to visually enlarge the room by using curtains?

To do this, use light virtually weightless fabric light shades. It is desirable that they were to match the walls and ceiling. It is best to choose linen curtains. However, they have to be straight. A length slightly greater than the height of the ceiling to the curtains lay in folds on the floor. This creates the effect of height, visually lifting the ceiling.

For a small room ideal plain curtains with blurry or fuzzy picture. Should not be a contrast that will visually reduce the room.

Curtains in vertical stripes will increase the height of the ceiling, and horizontal – expand the space.

When choosing fabric with a gradient that gradually changes color from very light to darker, you can increase the boundaries of the room.

The tulle needs to be as transparent as possible to was not in the room of gloom.

When a small area of the room should avoid heavy drapes, ruffles, layered, ruffle and valances. All this makes the room visually smaller. The fabric should be light and flowing.

room ideas

How visually to increase the size of a room using lighting

Daylight and artificial light plays an important role in increasing or decreasing space. How to choose lamps? And how visually to increase the size of a room with lighting?

  • For a small space ideal are the small lamps of a point or a raster. They can be attached on the ceiling, walls, or to be located on the perimeter of the bottom of the bed. All this will help expand the space. The more light in the room, the bigger it will seem. Twilight reduces the area.
  • In addition, should make maximum use of daylight, without closing it.
  • You can experiment with tiered ceiling. Making one of the levels with a glossy stretch ceiling and hide behind the second level of the fluorescent lamp. This approach will visually lift the ceiling.
  • Heavy massive chandelier visually reduce the height of the ceiling, so such items should be avoided. It is possible to replace hanging on the thin rope oblong canopy.
  • Circular niches with lighting to visually push the wall, increasing the size of the room.

room ideas


Solid homogeneous floor covering makes the room visually more spacious: it isn’t necessary to visually divide the room, giving preference to the tile in the hallway and linoleum in the kitchen. Also, avoid large carpets with patterns (though vertical stripes across the room can make it more spacious).
room ideas

How to increase the size of the room using the furnishings of the room

You can also experiment with flooring and furnishings. Furniture is best to choose simple lines in color that will blend with the overall design of the room.

The interior should also avoid large objects, this also applies to furniture. One needs to be as functional and not create clutter. In this case, and the abundance of too small items should be avoided. The best would be minimalism.

Furniture should be placed along the walls, avoiding the Central location. The light and airy atmosphere create transparent objects. For example, a glass table. Door you can also choose glass.

In the far corner you can place a single bright object, for example, a floor lamp that will create a perspective effect by making the room.

The TV is better to buy a flat, which will not create the effect of clutter.

Floors should also be done in bright colors. Preferably with longitudinal lines, extending the room. Ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles will create a glossy surface and expand the space.

room ideas

These simple techniques will increase even in the small room, visually expanding it.

Teen room ideas

Room design for teenager, no matter boy or girl, must meet the requirements of a person who is not a child, not yet an adult, and first and foremost the room should be a place for self-expression.

Many parents frown on posters of idols and numerous posters hung in random order throughout the room. But this ban will not solve the problem, you risk only alienate your child and to lose him so thin in this time the connection. However, you can highlight one wall or part of wall for the needs of a teenager.

room ideas

That would not spoil the wall with pins or tape, hang a corkboard and the right size or just stick technical the plug on the wall, can be screwed to the wall a sheet of plywood. All of these materials can be painted the background colors (white, gray, black, dark blue), which will be combined with the rest of the interior, and thus will be beneficial to shade posters and placards. Having done so, you on the one hand minimize the chaos in the room, and on the other hand will show the teenager that you respect his wishes, which will certainly have a positive impact on your relationship.

The furniture required in the room for a teenager

Competent organization of the bed – the key to your child’s health. The spine of a teenager because of the physiology experiences a very powerful load and prone to scoliosis. It is desirable that the room was a bed with an orthopedic mattress, but you can find folding sofas or armchairs systems accordion with the same mattress.

room ideas

The teenager must be your wardrobe, preferably roomier, with lots of shelves, separate compartments for underwear and socks (tights), and a good rod for hangers. This applies not only teen girls but also boys, because in such a Cabinet is easier to maintain order.

room ideas

The mirror in the boy’s room – a required element, at this age, children should learn to monitor their appearance, and without a mirror is difficult to make.

For girls need to provide a place to store jewelry and cosmetics, the mirror should be well-lit.

Replacement linens must be kept directly in the boy’s room. Referring to the physiological characteristics (in girls begin menstruating and boys have wet dreams) may occur unpleasant and annoying situation. If there is a change of underwear teenage boy in the case of “accident” itself without the intervention of adults will be able to solve their problem, while personal and shopping for clothes is welcome. You can pre-talk with your child, explain to him that what is happening with him changes can be fraught with some inconvenience, to explain what exactly, and show, where lingerie, and at the same time to show how to use the washing machine yourself. Frank discussion, respect for the child’s problems will only bring you closer together and minimize the embarrassing and “shameful” situation. So you’re on your own example teach your youngster to respect the privacy of others.

room ideas

In addition to the bed in the room of the student need a workspace. The table should be comfortable, with space to store office and personal belongings, Desk chair – ergonomic, with height adjustment and backrest angle.

The width of the countertop should be allowed to work at the computer and work on documents at the same time, plus should be a place for written work.

room ideas

Depending on your child’s interests should be a place for Hobbies. This can be a cozy area for reading and listening to music, a comfortable place to play a musical instrument or sports area with a climbing wall and outdoor punching bag, a rack for his beloved collection of dolls, or something else that is necessary for your child.

room ideas

The most important thing isn’t to decide for the teenager, what is the design of the room is the best for him, to give him a choice in the design and assist in the organization of space.

Cool room ideas – (Elements of the interior sets the tone and mood of the room)

Every room should have that flavor, the main element around which the whole structure is composed of its interior. Let’s look at some striking examples of this rule.

Any properly designed interior requires a so-called focal element, that is, an accessory or object that immediately catches the eye when entering the room. Proper choice of this element – whether it’s architectural segment, surface texture, lighting fixture or piece of furniture sets the tone and mood for the interior. But what is the best way to pick up this item? Here are some examples of creating a focal centre, not dominant and not in conflict with other objects in interior.

Architectural elements

A Central element of the interior is the fireplace, in the literal sense, is the stove, which danced designers, and which determined the furniture layout, arranging all the space of the room and creating an atmosphere of comfort and sophistication. The texture of the stone facade of the fireplace is repeated in colour and texture of the sofa, chairs and curtains.

It is extremely important to make the right choice of the size of the Central architectural element of the interior. If it is too large, it will suppress the other components of the room, if main focal element is too small, it will be invisible and the function of the focal element will assume the other accessories or pieces of furniture.

room ideas

The picture in the interior

It is very important to choose the right size and color pictures. Its proportions should match the proportions of the wall on which it is located, and the palette it must be in harmony with the color scheme of the room. A large, expressive painting will look great on the neutral background of the wall and in the interior with the passive tones of the furniture. Artistic photography or an eclectic collage of several photos also look great in the interior of the room.

room ideas

The view from the window

If the room has Windows, their sin is not to be used as a focal element that will highlight the architectural merits of the room and visually expand the space. The view from the panoramic Windows is the perfect focal element, which is in constant dynamic dialogue with the interior.

The room with panoramic window furniture should be minimalistic, simple and understated. It will emphasize the charm of the view from the window and create an atmosphere of mystery and spaciousness.

room ideas


As the focal element can be also texture. In this interior wall texture with monochromatic color scheme, gives the room more depth, while smooth, shiny surfaces of objects create a sense of prohlednete and soft, on the contrary, add to the interior warmth and tranquility. Minimalist neutral color palette of the kitchen situation underlines the statement of the main focal element – the wall texture (the so-called apron). Gloss ceramic tiles perfectly matched with the fronts of appliances with stainless steel.

room ideas

Color accents

Well-chosen color accents can turn even the most boring interior of the corridor in an interesting and original premise. Color focal elements of this corridor was a door with metal studs, painted in bold contrasting colors.

Special attention should be paid to the colouring architectural elements of the room. Properly chosen color scheme will help draw attention to or disguise certain parts of the room. Turquoise, with white walls, raised baseboards and turquoise doors attracts the eye and invites you to come in for a visit.

room ideas

A bold accent color, whether painted architectural element, piece of furniture or the carpet, instantly creates in the interior a playful mood. This is especially true in simple modern and minimalist interiors.

Cute room ideas

Bedroom decor for girls — soft and beautiful.

room ideas

Interior design bedrooms — the process is very laborious, because in a (the maximum achieve the desired result it is necessary to exert not only the function, although the imagination and inspiration. Bedroom for the girl (or girls) are good in delicate shades with the addition of interesting details. And this is the case when an important comfort and sustained style.

room ideas

Elegant bedroom in lovely shades of pink, about fashionistas and lovers of delicate flowers in interior design.

room ideas

The General configuration of the bedrooms recalls the clear blue Svarog, the ease and unobtrusiveness of detail in the interior accentuate the room.

Powder room ideas

Any middle-aged woman dreams about such a paradisiacal place where you can relax and quietly to clean myself up after sleep. The room is painted pale blue and decorated with unobtrusive, that really appeals to many ladies. The bed is reasonably comfortable in the daytime is covered with a very beautiful blanket made of antique. Above the headboard hung a blackboard on which to write your routine or to leave notes for the next day. All items of furniture created for ladies that has a taste.

room ideas

Vintage table with stool placed by the window, complement the interior and allow any woman to touch the beautiful right in the comfort of their room. In the corner of the room, peacefully located a chest of drawers that can store all the most valuable. Around him the place for a variety of women’s hats. The room is small, but very bright as it has natural lighting from different sides.

room ideas

Small laundry room ideas – (Design and organization)

Laundry is very important and, also, everyday exercise. Do your laundry in a modern washing machine now, even a child, it’s very simple, but the process doesn’t take much time. But what about equipment, where to place, how ergonomic to fit the space and not to disturb the stylistic properties of the interior?

The output, of course, is to arrange the house in a separate room, which will house the laundry. It is convenient and practical, and the question of where to put the washing machine or dryer will no longer be relevant. Of course, organizing the laundry room – the expensive pleasure, but the end result is worth it.

Interesting ideas for organizing the Laundry in the house

Ideal laundry will be the pantry. There you can and the Ironing Board to put it, and cleaning kit: mop, broom, dustpan. A small pantry can be placed recessed washing machine. On the walls you can hang cabinets with doors, shelves on which to stack bed linens and towels. If your pantry is quite small and will only put the washing machine and dryer, storage of household chemicals and improvised means for harvesting useful shelves fitted directly on the hinged door of the closet.

room ideas

Very practical, you can use the space under the stairs. After all, comfortable small laundry room under the stairs is another original way to arrange the empty space. Under the stairs will fit not only washing machine but a laundry basket, and closet for household products, and perhaps even tumble dryer.

room ideas

Also for arranging the laundry is suitable and dressing room, provided its location is not in the bedroom part of the house. In the closet there’s enough room for a washing machine and clothes. Such laundry-dressing room was not only practical, but also comfortable and stylish, it can differentiate into functional areas using a decorative wall mirror or the curtain.

room ideas

How to organize the space in the Laundry room

As for washing you need, in most cases, only a washing machine, in a special reserved room for the laundry there is still much space that can be used with advantage.

Wall cabinets and shelves will help to free up space on the floor for the comfortable padded stools, sofas, rocking chairs, or sink, which is also needed in the laundry room. Under the sink you can put a comfortable basket, separately for clean and dirty linen. Not be amiss in the laundry room and counter for ironed items. The Ironing Board, so it does not interfere, can be mounted on the wall, and in that time, when not in use, fold. Perfect for the laundry room will be a mini-wardrobe with built-in Ironing Board.

And of course, in the laundry room it would be nice to arrange a place to stay, then the time in between household chores will flow nicer. On the wall mount the TV and put on the shelf a tape recorder, and while linens, you can enjoy pleasant music or watch your favorite TV show. This technique you will need not only when you comfortably sit in a chair in the laundry room, but also during Ironing.

room ideas


room ideas

Interior design Laundry room

Laundry room – this room is not only for washing cars and equipment. Therefore, to feel in it as comfortable as possible, it is necessary to consider what will be the interior design of the laundry room.

Harmoniously fit into the interior laundry room contemporary modular furniture. And the decor was fun, decorate furniture simple pattern using stencils for decoration.

room ideas

If the Laundry room hasn’t window, you need to take care of good lighting. An unusual chandelier, table lamp or the lamp on the wall will make the atmosphere more bright and cozy. Very nice it will look about the window in the laundry room. It will add light and visually increase the space.

room ideas


In apartments and houses with a large area of modern designers try to allocate a separate room to perform the household work: washing and ironing. This is done, first of all, of sanitary reasons, as the process is associated with the likely increase in temperature and humidity, evaporation, application of chemicals, separation of different odors, the appearance of dust and microorganisms.

In apartments laundry room often converted pantry. In this case, the room is deprived of natural light therefore it is necessary to consider how to place lights, make it convenient to do the laundry.

There comfortably for household cleaning products, broom, dustpan, mop, etc., but this does not mean that all these objects must stand under the wall – you can hide them behind a cabinet door. It is also useful wall cabinets and shelves on which to store folded linen.

For decorating a laundry room in the house can accommodate a dressing room. There’s plenty of room for clothes storage and for installation of washer & dryer. To separate the laundry area from the dressing room, you can apply the zoning.

Often the place for washing is bordered to the bathroom or kitchen. Even in the smallest space possible to separate laundry from other functional areas.

The idea room – (Extraordinary ideas of interior design)

Designers of extraordinary personality and standards they are unacceptable. That is why they are always in creative search, trying to bring into our world something new and creative.

Of course, not always their ideas, embodied in reality, is designed for a wide range of people but acceptable ideas quite a lot, too.

Today we want to introduce you with design ideas for the home. Their freshness and originality allows you to give the interior some flavor and personality.

Orchids in a variety of styles of interior

Japanese, Asian, and Chinese styles of interior design orchid with its refinement will create the atmosphere of mysteriousness of the East and a special mood. Classic style, Italian, European styles combine perfectly with this delicate decor.

And in modern styles – country, the ecological style, punk, high-tech, pop art, industrial and loft orchid will be a harmonious contrast with the general picture.

room ideas

Designer thermal pane

In the midst of winter is very important is the theme of heating and insulation of homes. In modern interiors heaters are increasingly involved in not only their direct function, but also decorative. Very popular in the new season thermal pane (also referred to as thermal walls) is one of the varieties of design radiators. There are a series of thermal design of panels of various sizes, shapes and textures, which are very organically fit into the interior of any style. The exclusive panels are not cheap, but are a real work of art that creates the mood and atmosphere of creativity in the interior.

room ideas

Repetition of elements in the interior

Modern designers often use the technique of repetition of elements of design – rhythm. As a principle of design, rhythm is the repetition of visual images in space. Rhythm creates visual unity and movement. This may be a repetition of building elements that creates a rhythm in three dimensions. Columns, beams, Windows, stairs – are examples of rhythm. In addition, you can repeat color, shape, model, or any other element groups or alone. In solid the interior can be repeated accent color or shade. The rhythm can be calm and soothing or dramatic and stimulating.

room ideas

Birds in interior design

Not surprisingly, fashion designers and interior often turn to the topic of birds, using their images to create trendy prints and decor. It is impossible not to agree that birds are one of the most beautiful, bright, unusual, gentle creatures of nature. In the new season of “bird” theme in interior design is especially popular and relevant. Birds for centuries does not go out of fashion, so popular today, vintage interiors is unthinkable without the figurines of birds, bird cages, embroideries and paintings.

Peacocks – the eternal theme.

According to Chinese teachings of Feng Shui, an image or figurine of a peacock promotes new ideas and projects. In addition, the peacock will help to get a good job, a promotion, or contribute to solution of problems in business. The peacock attracts home well-being and happiness. Luxurious tail, as if absorbed all the brighter shades, of course will decorate the interior, designed in bright modern avant-garde styles.

room ideas

Wall of white brick in a stylish interior

Since the middle of last century came into fashion trim interior with white brick. This technique is popular today. White brick accent wall can occur in a variety of areas of the apartment. The classic elements of the living room looks great against the white brick. Looks very stylish fireplace faced with white brick and modern interior of the living room.

room ideas

Stylish interiors with clouds

Become increasingly popular, the interior in eco-style. Natural materials, live plants, mini-waterfalls, starry sky, and carpets that mimic grass and pebbles. And, of course, the clouds – so different, such a fascinating and extraordinarily beautiful. Variants of their use in the design of the apartment – a lot. It and lamps in the shape of clouds and stretch ceilings “sky with clouds” and “cloud” furniture and photo wallpaper.

room ideas

Interesting ideas of the use of leather in design

Modern interior design is becoming more and more popular, the styles created in the last century such as art Deco and art Nouveau. In the interior of these styles is necessarily present such a beautiful decoration material, like genuine leather. It gives the interior refinement and luxury, expensive look. The use of leather in the interior is not limited only to upholstery. Modern designers offer ideas of decorating the walls, the floor, the bed, the ceiling of this great material, and also create an unusual decoration made of genuine leather.

room ideas

Mirror ideas for ceiling

The mirror on the ceiling – this is a favorite design trick to visually expand the space and improve the illumination of the interior. Accommodation options mirror surfaces on the ceiling a lot. In our photo collection we suggest you to see the most interesting of them.

room ideas

The unusual interiors of ordinary apartments

Furnished house in which we live reflects our character, our sense of humor, our taste and social group to which we belong. Everyone has their own idea of comfort, someone who strictly follows all the trends of interior fashion, and someone acquires the desired, reliable things that will last more than one decade.

room ideas

Many have a question – how to transform their homes and make it stylish? There are several recipes. In order to make the apartment stylish do not have to create a bright and eye-catching design. To do this, simply replace the old finishing materials in modern. Now there are many technologies and materials that allow you to create a completely unique and stylish interior design. By using modern materials or paints we can restore any furniture, giving it a very unusual, modern look.

room ideas

Absolutely unique view of the interior will add modern curtains. With their help, you can completely change the style of interior – from classic to Japanese, or techno. An important role in the transformation of the interior could play a textiles and décor. Modern bedspreads pillows, capes with geometric trendy pattern or large floral print beyond recognition can transform your home in minutes.

room ideas

Washing machine in the interior of a small apartment

For kitchens there is a variant of built-in appliances. This technique is very popular, as it not only allows you to make efficient use of kitchen space and create a modern design. It can be dishwasher, oven, extractor, fridge and washing machine. Modern women in the kitchen prefer built-in appliances. Recessed washing machine is best suited for the kitchen interior, because it can hide inside kitchen cabinets or to close the door.

room ideas

In order to solve the problem of placing washing machines in the interior of the standard small bathroom, you need to develop the right design and pick a car that has a small size with an average weight of Laundry load. In addition, it is necessary that along with a washing machine fit bath or shower, toilet, sink, laundry basket, cabinet details, etc.

You can put the washing machine next to the sink and combine them one top. In this case, increase the space you can use a large mirror over the sink.

room ideas

The basic steps of restoration of old furniture

How to repaint old furniture: ideas.

room ideas

Step 1. Preparatory work

Disassemble furniture, remove the drawers, remove all doors, fasteners, fittings and decor. Itemize all details and sign, then to not be confused when assembling. With the help of sandpaper (coarse and finer), remove the furniture the fat, wax, a thin layer of varnish, etc. Carefully obpatite the surface of the brush and swipe cleaning in the apartment after that. Then, using a special paste or a primer align the surface, removing all defects and irregularities (chips, cracks, scratches).

Step 2. The choice of paint and brushes

Better suited for acrylic paint. It dries quickly, is odorless and easily diluted with water to obtain the desired density. Accordingly, you will need to purchase acrylic primer. Paint can, brush, paint gun or roller. You need to purchase brushes in different widths for colouring different parts of the furniture.

Step 3. Staining

If you paint furniture in different colors or create a gradient effect, you’ll need a roll of adhesive tape. In the beginning paint the furniture a lighter tone of paint. It is better to paint the furniture 2 times. A second coat of paint apply after the previous has dried. It is important that the paint went in the same direction. the part of the surface, which should stay lighter, tape and paint the furniture the second is more dark or more bright color. Wooden handles from cabinets or Cabinet, you can gild with gold paint. Furniture can be decorated using decoupage technique. Pictures can be bought in a specialty store for creativity or to use any pictures.

Step 4. Furniture Assembly

Collect all the details painted furniture. At the same time, change the old fittings and fasteners are new and modern. And put on the door hinges with door closers.

room ideas

Decorative screens in the interior

Decorative folding screens were invented in ancient China. The Chinese believed that a screen standing at the door protects the house from evil spirits. Folding screens painted with images of protective amulets and hieroglyphs. Over time, the screen turned into real works of art. In Europe, screens appeared in the 19th century and served to separate the room into several zones or in order to hide the bathroom or the bedroom from prying eyes. Nowadays screens are very popular among interior designers. They are used mainly as a decorative element or as an interior detail for zoning.

room ideas

Decor ideas for rented apartments

As a rule, in a rented apartment owners from unnecessary old stuff, different stuff, trinkets etc. There is an idea to put all those unwanted things into a little retro-chests and chests. They can be purchased at a flea market and restore. Instead of the trunks can be used suitcases. They can be decorated with stickers of airports of different countries or decorated with decoupage technique. Everything you need for decoupage can be purchased at a specialty store. You can also place these things in boxes under the bed.

room ideas

If the owners don’t mind this, then any old furniture can be decorated with new furniture, special pads, hang a film. Old furniture can be painted with paint, cover colored lacquer, the table top old table can be decorated using decoupage technique. Open shelves can be painted and place them on a beautiful high-gloss or leather boxes in which to lay down all unnecessary small utensils. It will look very stylish. Walls can be decorated with paintings and photographs in frames.

room ideas

Room color ideas – (The combination of colors in the interior)

Color is one of the most important characteristics of all that is visible to the human eye, therefore, it is necessary, with special attention to approach him making an interior, selecting the design for your home. This will help to feel at home not only comfortable, but also give the opportunity to design the apartment according to your taste.

room ideas

The evidence of scientists:

Color can affect the condition of many systems of the body and change them, it was noticed by scientists and have been successfully used in the treatment. Probably all noticed that depending on the color of the room and change our mood, that’s why it is necessary for the selection of colors to be particularly careful. From that how will you color the rest of the room will depend on your state of mind.

Of course, choosing the color you need to consider personal preferences, but don’t forget about the patterns that have been seen by scientists. It will help knowledge about the harmonious combination of colors on the color preferences for a certain type of room. This will make the home more cozy and comfortable where you will be able to fully rest and replenish spent energy. Clearly distributing the functions of the rooms, you can almost accurately determine the color of the interior. For children’s better to choose calm and gentle tones of light shades. Yellow helps to correct the child’s attention, enhance his creativity, and the red shades will make it more active and movable but will not interfere with rapid sleep and restful sleep.

room ideas

Conventionally, all colours are divided into cool colors and warm, but the face of this barely perceptible. For the coldest tones include blue color that is always associated with ice, and the most warm – can be considered to be orange, which is reminiscent of the sun. The color palette can transform a room, but it may ruin. But it isn’t so simple, because the colour shades gradually moving from cold to warm, can visually transform the space, but here you need to adhere to certain principles.

There are a few basic rules that should not be neglected when choosing colors for the home. If the room is large, add comfort will help the warm shades in the interior, they will fill the room with light and will add good mood. To visually expand the space of small rooms need to choose bright, cool shades, for interior decoration. When choosing colors for the kitchen, we shouldn’t forget that there are colors that increase the appetite, and Vice versa. Bedroom, when choosing colors requires special attention, because it is the place where you rest from all problems and worries. If you are young and energetic, your bedroom is bound to be in romantic colours. The choice of color is influenced by many factors that must be considered and not to forget anything, then your home will bring you joy and positive emotions.

room ideas

Single color or palette?

To achieve harmony in housing need to combine colors in the interior, but so that it does not cause boredom and monotony. Your taste will be the determining, the selection of the color, but there are certain types of selection. You can choose a color scheme type monochromatic, harmonious or contrasts. The first type will be the easiest, because the color scheme here is in the range of one color, but ranges from darker shades to lighter tones. Design, decorated according to this style can be made brighter due to the accents of another color, but so that they are not distracting from the overall style. It may be small inclusions in the form of accessories or interior parts. For a harmonious type of characteristic will be a combination of related hues that will harmonize with each other, but they cannot be attributed to the contrasting colours. This type of selection will give great scope for creativity. Most importantly, the main color that dominates the interior was as close to a pure color. Also, using this type of design, we must not forget that to harmoniously decorated space is possible only in case, if the number of used shades will not exceed five, and all the little details to choose bright colors that will give the interior an elegant and unique look.

Here are some successful combinations for interior design. Nice combination of red will give a pink and purple and orange and egg-yellow: green – a lime and light green, celadon and blue. Each color has its own palette, which will give a great result. If we talk about contrasting type, here the emphasis should be done on the game of contrasts. This type will look great in the design of bright and original interior. The most important thing to stick to those colors that will be the opposites for primary colors. Each color corresponds to a contrast hue: red – green, lime – purple, yellow – purple, and so on.

Each color is endowed with certain associations, so the correct would be to disassemble the main colors individually.
Blue color

Blue or light blue color represent peace, quietness and coolness. But here you need to pay attention to saturation, because it will be decisive. Darker shades will help you relax, and light blue colors give a promise to the ease and carelessness.

room ideas

Red color

If you need a room that will excite and excite and motivate people to action, it is better to choose red color for the design, because it corresponds to concepts such as fire and blood. This color has a very strong energy and therefore attracts people of strong and imperious. Red color in Feng Shui, refers to the male, to the energy of Yang, but the Japanese attribute this color to anger. If we talk about the color treatment, the red is excellent for the treatment of anemia, depression and bad effect on the liver. Treatment red contraindicated in hypertension and should not be used for people with unstable mentality, emotionally disturbed.

room ideas

Yellow color

To housing radiated a positive charge, preference should be given to yellow color, which is associated with the sun, joy, wealth. In addition, his chosen people, lacking freedom, and they cannot fully develop their potential. Yellow color in different people symbolizes the opposite value, if Feng Shui is the knowledge and newfound wisdom, in the East it has the fun and celebration, but for Europeans, it symbolizes cowardice, combined with betrayal and jealousy. But it would not have categorized the value of the yellow color, it will certainly be for all to symbolize liberation. In treatment it is used for patients suffering from diabetes, rheumatism and disease of the kidneys and liver, but cannot be used in people suffering from tachycardia and neuralgia.

room ideas

Green color

Those who want peace should pay attention to the color green, which represents a fusion of blue and yellow. Green is associated with relaxation and coolness, and the more blue it has, the more cold tint it will have. The presence of yellow green tone makes a nicer, warmer, and recalls his youth and activity. Shades of green a great many, he preferred a conservative and reliable people. And if we talk about the value of green, in the Eastern traditions is the colour of growth, of freshness, it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, vision. It is used to treat asthma, it helps those who have poor sleep, as well as a strengthening effect on the heart.

room ideas

The combination of colors

There are four basic colors, and all the rest can be attributed to intermediate shades, but there are additional combinations. Among the combinations we can distinguish three types: kinship, kinship and contrast and contrast. Among all this variety you should find color harmony, and that means the total number of colors and shades to find one that will be successful for every interior. For this it is necessary to correctly assess the preferences of everyone who will live in this room. Only taking into account all needs and wishes you can create an image in which everyone will be comfortable and cozy. In addition to fashion trends, the combination of colors should be comfortable for all, and emphasize the culture of the person, which will correspond to the area where he lives. You can bring influences from other cultures, but it should not stand out from the previously set color preferences.

The right combination of shades will not only help to saturate the color energy properties, but also will be fundamental in the moments of rest and recuperation. Background color space, it has the same properties as person, it can have character and a certain temperament. The interior can be cute or contrary, and harmony will be achieved only with a successful combination of all colors for decoration.

room ideas

To the color scheme will dramatically affect the texture of the chosen material. After all, different texture can make the same color softer, deeper, or Vice versa. But here another rule, which should not be neglected: the floor should be the most rich, most bright, and the ceiling, the furniture is better to choose a little bit lighter than the floor, but darker than the wall color.

Many people have many opinions, because someone will feel cozy and comfortable in the room decorated in a traditional style in solid type, and to whom it will seem boring and uninteresting. You need to follow your taste and not be afraid of self-expression, then your interior will be unique and will give you happiness and joy.

Choosing colors for rooms is one of the most difficult parts during the repair. Paint is easy, but then the remake, not so easy. Moving furniture, stain the new flooring and Windows. It is best with color determined in advance and preferably before the repair, so as not to spoil your nerves and do not rush to extremes.

Purple color in the interior

Purple is the last color in the rainbow or, more simply, is “pheasant”. It belongs to the so-called cold colors, from which blows fresh and cool light. By the way, purple can be abundant to find, both in nature and in everyday life. Look closely at the delicate flower of violet or take such berries and fruits as blackberries, blueberries, currant or plum. You will definitely see in this color the huge potential, in particular, and design. It is chosen by people power, but the noble, those who believe in mysticism and tends to be creative.

room ideas

The pink color in the interior

Pink is perhaps one of the most sensual and delicate flowers which love a romantic nature all over the world. However, he is extremely versatile – it color all girls who adore Hello Kitty, and the color of adult women who just uses slightly different interpretation. Of course, the popularity of pink in interior design simply knows no bounds: they decorate entire rooms, from the floor, finishing the ceiling, and also used for placement of a very sensual accents. Opponents call it “pink snot” and the prerogative of Barbie, but really, this color can perfectly fit into the interior of any room in the house and make it like “candy”.

room ideas

Gray color in the interior

The first Association that are born in my head at the mention of grey is, of course, the “grey cardinal”, “gray mouse”, “gray days”. This color is absolutely unfairly transferred to the rank of Brahmins, and was awarded its exclusively negative connotation. Attitude to gray over the centuries changed very often: it was called colour of poverty, old age and misery, it was called the benchmark of wisdom and elegance. One thing is clear – this is a highly controversial option for interior decoration, which can use not everyone. Trust me, even gray can be diverse and rich, so its use in interiors may be more than appropriate.

room ideas

Brown color in the interior

Many people refer to brown with a slight grain of salt, equating his gloom to gray and black colors, and it is associated with melancholia and even pessimism. But in fact, brown has great potential as a designer and from a psychological point of view. It symbolizes reliability, loyalty, stability. It also has a positive effect on people, for example, during stressful situations can enhance calming effect, and during the illness even eases physical pain. By the way, brown is the colour of earth, which also symbolizes safety and family hearth. Therefore, a more perfect color for home design and cozy interior.

room ideas

Turquoise color in the interior

Some flowers have an unfortunate thing, to be invisible and unrecognizable, for example, cherry and scarlet for some will always remain “red”, crimson and fuchsia is “pink”. Something similar can be observed when we talk about the turquoise color. It is a cross between blue and green. But this color is impossible to compare with others, because it is as unique as stone – turquoise – from which it takes its name. It is a kind of personification of color in nature. However, the boundless sea are also perfect for this role. Choose a turquoise color solely due to the fact that he reminds them of the sea, which simply can’t be associated with any negativity.

room ideas

Yellow color in the interior

Yellow – the lightest and brightest color in the spectrum. It refers to the primary colors along with red and blue. Yellow invigorates and tones, positively affecting mental activity, thus activating the brain. It refers to the warm shades and is associated with summer and sun, causes a feeling of warmth and absorbs negative energy. Using in the interior, to be easily combined with other colors. But, the yellow color, can Express a contradiction. Too much yellow in the interior will be very intense and saturated. In pure form it is too inconvenienced, without combining it with other shades of this color in the interior is better not to apply. To combine it is quite simple, because the yellow color easily enters into combination with many other colour palettes.

room ideas

The red color in the interior

Red has a very powerful physiological and psychological effect on humans, so the interiors, in which red takes the main role, quite rare. To design the interior with the use of this color is quite difficult. Such on forces only to professional designers who successfully cope with such a challenge.

room ideas

Blue color in the interior

It is believed that the interior blue color is inherited from the era of Empire. It is in that time was made of the wall, in the city housing, painted in pale blue color, and doors and floors were supposed to be dark, the furniture was placed diagonally. Now nobody obliges us to follow all these rules, but the use of blue color in the interior is justified and is the place to be.

room ideas

The green color in the interior

Green can rightly be called the most comfortable, pleasant and fresh color from the whole palette. And, true, it causes only positive emotions and exceptionally pleasant associations with, for example, forest, lush foliage, bright grass and minerals of incredible beauty, like emerald. The use of green color is a good starting point for creating the perfect home interior that will be filled with an atmosphere of relaxation and total tranquility. This wonderful color has a unique anti-stress effect, for example, he very gently extinguishes the conflict. In General, anyway, and the green color – the most that neither is a positive and effective option for decoration of any interior, from the kitchen, and finishing the nursery.

room ideas

The orange color in the interior

The orange color in the interior should be used with caution, because this is a very energetic color. It has a great variety of shades: from defiant-bright shades to pale apricot tones. But it is believed that the main use of orange color in the interior is the emphasis. This means that this color is often used for accessories, textiles than to paint the walls and furniture. Introducing orange color, in the form of focus, you can achieve the desired result – it makes the room more cheerful, warmer, more active. Using the orange shades need to be careful, because this color tends to displace all the colors. The number of orange color will depend on how much will be visible Kolor items in another color.

room ideas

Great room ideas – (Five methods for the transformation of a small and dark room)

Many of us have to live in tiny apartments. But they both want to make the most beautiful and spacious! There are some rather obvious techniques.

Some of them you probably already heard. Maybe even some successfully implemented in their homes. If so – share with us your photos or ideas.

And we offer our tips on how to visually enlarge the space of small rooms.

  1. Light walls will help to make a little more room. This, of course, will not add dozens of square meters, but the visual effect of spaciousness will definitely appear.

Be careful. Dark accent, for example, on the wall can add definition and volume of a small room, but bright colors will help liven up a small space. If you don’t strive to create an atmosphere of privacy – do not select dark chocolate shades for all four walls.

room ideas

  1. Floor and ceiling painted in white color, or one color with the walls – increase the effect of spaciousness.

room ideas

  1. Place the curtains on all window, but only at the edges. It’s visually “pull” it. Curtains should be long – from ceiling to floor.

room ideas

  1. A large number of solid furniture give the room a heavy. Prefer one that has a small base and looks easy, for example, furniture on legs. This technique will give the impression as if the furniture is floating in the air.

room ideas

  1. Use items that reflect light and produce it – from mirrors and shiny surfaces to the light fixtures and lamps. A mirror opposite the window will reflect light into the room.

room ideas

DIY room ideas – (7 original DIY-ideas compact furniture)

And again affected the burning question: how to save space in small apartments? This time touch a furniture or problem: explain how to use all the free space, without cluttering it up and without sacrificing functionality. The beauty of this furniture is that it isn’t necessary to buy, and you can do it yourself and it will agree, and savings, and originality.

1.Console table

Narrow and practical console table can make using such simple materials, such as table legs (can be purchased separately) and a pair of wooden panels. Take a Board of the desired size as a basis and with the help of screws, attach the legs.

For durable and reliable use of the coating during the painting primer and impregnation.

room ideas

2.Convenient tray

The original small shelf-tray, clinging to the handrail of the chair or sofa – a great option for those who like to drink a cup of tea for evening reading or watching TV. Using a circular saw cut boards (the dimensions depend on the handrails of your furniture), combine all three parts of the structure with glue for wood and leave to dry overnight. To decorate the shelf, stick strips of painter’s tape and spray paint from an aerosol can.

room ideas

3.Flat rack for dishes

If the size of your kitchen does not allow you to place bulky furniture, this rational idea for storing dishes will suit you perfectly. In fact, this stand is the usual frame with a decorative molding, which serves as a rail (which, by the way, it is better to attach several within the same “shelf” – to better hold the plates).

room ideas

4.Table behind the sofa

Large sofa takes up almost the entire space of the living room? Put him under the table-shelf in country style – for books, lamps, houseplants. It’s a pretty quick process: just connect the boards together like a normal table L-shaped. Don’t forget to sand the wood to make it look more tidy.

room ideas

5.Slim bookcase

If the room space does not allow to place a real bookcase, replace it with a DIY flat-rack. Thus, you can equip an entire library right outside the door. For one of the improvised shelves you will need two plastic strips: connect them together in the shape of a triangle without a base (again, letter L) and attach to the wall with screws. Ready!

room ideas

6.Smart coffee table

Neat in appearance and spacious functionality in coffee (and if you want to – bedside) table, which will look good in the living room, bedroom or hallway, it is easy to do with their hands. Cover wooden boards with varnish or paint, on one of them attach plate for mounting feet, joiner’s glue fasten the countertop and the wall.

room ideas

7.Low cost

And finally we offer some ideas that can be implemented with the pallet (wooden construction pallets), which, by the way, recently gaining popularity among DIY fans because of its environmental friendliness.

Coffee tables with additional storage space (you can also attach castors for ease of movement), garden furniture, hangers – all of this can make, if a certain way to connect multiple pallets.

room ideas

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