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Laundry room ideas

room ideas

Today, the desire to organize a laundry at home is becoming an increasingly popular business idea. But in most cases, laundry can be arranged at the house as antediluvian laundry room. Ignored any design ideas. Everything is because the room is most often located either in the far corner of the house or in the basement, and then just next to the garage.

room ideas

But a well-designed Laundry can be a guarantee that it will look neat, spacious and even beautiful. Despite the fact that a beautiful design is completely dependent on available space, nevertheless even the most small laundry room can look nice and neat.

Ergonomic use of space

Starting from the dimensions of the room, it’s important to use ergonomically and structurally. The most important thing to the washing machine was located conveniently and reliably. The room should be easily accessible to all family members. Don’t buy to work too large of the dryer and washing machine, this design of laundry will look heavy and overloaded.

Storage area

Storage area for laundry is of paramount importance. Here will be stored all the clothes intended to be washed. Ideally, if the Laundry at home is planned for a large amount of work, the storage area is better to build in a utility room. Otherwise, use the storage lockers and large laundry baskets. Laundry room where dirty clothes lying on the floor or scattered on the corners will look shabby and untidy. Even if containers for clothes to buy several, the room will be look more beautiful and neat.

room ideas

The décor of the room

Although laundry is rarely used by guests, it doesn’t mean you can ignore the decor. The room is safely possible to decorate in any style. The walls can be painted a bright water-resistant paint. To improve the appearance of the laundry room, the walls also can be sticked beautiful and high quality wallpapers. At the time when you are going on vacation, for machines and tumble dryers you can make the protective covers from dust. Make sure that plugs and sockets were located at a sufficient height from the floor. Beyond the reach of the spray from the water.

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Drying and ironing area

If you decided to organize your home laundry room, it makes no sense to iron and dry clothes in the other rooms of your home. Select and organize an area for Ironing and drying clothes in the laundry room. Despite the fact that you will use to operate the dryer, there’s a lot of laundry that you will have to dry by hanging over a floor or over the bath. A great option in this case — using plastic hangers.

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Room lighting

Even if your laundry room has a window that lets in enough sunlight, it is still appropriate to use a combination of natural and additional artificial lighting. You can hang wall or ceiling lights that will evenly illuminate the entire space laundry. Spend a lot of money not necessarily, but in any case, the lighting should be bright and pleasant. So you will be able to perform your daily duties with ease.

In addition to the above ideas to design a laundry room, you can realize your own ideas. But the most important thing that your laundry room was always clean. Bring it up every time after shutdown. Otherwise, your business idea will soon turn into a dirty laundry room. Which you also don’t want to go.

room ideas

Laundry in building — great way to solve the issue of washing clothes and cleaning rooms. This room is in every house and every apartment, as the laundry is not cheap. You need at least a dedicated room, plus the special equipment.

Of course, you can arrange everything within a small budget and enter the laundry in the interior of the bathroom, but what if you do not limit yourself? By the way, I live in a private house, and I have all of these laundry room works just allocated a separate room. But still, those pictures that I will show you much more beautiful.

Well, the photo we see below, but before that I want to tell you about the seven ways of arrangement and organization of the laundry room that I use personally.


  1. First tip — provide good lighting, because to be in a bright room many times nicer than in the dark. Good lighting gives a unique feeling of freedom and lightness in the room.
  2. The second — place everything in its place. Avoid clutter and debris, even small ones. At the same time, not look for a justification! Matter how busy you are, you can always find 10-15 minutes and bring the laundry in order. Put clean clothes straight, and dirty to come up with a special basket.
  3. Buy closed cabinets. They will release more space for your creativity and different ideas that you can implement in your laundry and bathroom interior will only benefit from this.
  4. Ensure proper storage of sewing kits, detergents, and similar items needed in the laundry. Arrange them in the closet so that everything was neat and clear, and to not require much time to find the necessary things.
  5. Attach to the wall Ironing board. You can also organize a special box for ironed linen, so it does not hesitated.
  6. Organize a green zone. Just as in the other rooms of your home, to the laundry, you can add green plants and flowers in beautiful pots. Plants make this room more lively and beautiful, and will clean the air from dust.
  7. Finally, make a Seating area. It’s not yet time to work! Sometimes it’s nice just to relax in the laundry room, so that if desired it can be turned into an area with a unique interior.

room ideas

How to build a Laundry room in a house or apartment?

The important thing when organizing a home laundry service — choosing the right location. Usually, laundry room is a small room, for example, the part has a basement, adjacent to the bathroom facility or part of the kitchen space. Well, if the room will be illuminated in a natural way, then it will be a pleasure to work with.

The selected area must 100% meet all technical requirements. The room should be well ventilated, so it didn’t stay wet. It is necessary to properly equip the hood, to provide waterproofing of the wiring, properly plan the layout of water supply and sanitation. Walls are finished materials that are not afraid of water and well washed, and the floor — tiles, on which it is not slipping. Provide floor drains in case washing machine breaks down. It will not hurt and good lighting, which allows you to see the entire working technique.

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How to make homemade Laundry functional and beautiful?

Laundry in the house it is possible to arrange so that she looked like an abandoned utility room. Simple — buy a stylish Laundry basket. For the storage of various detergents and other attributes equip closed cabinets. If Laundry room is in the basement and doesn’t have access to natural light, paint cabinet doors in bright colors — the atmosphere changes immediately, and work the room will be nicer. In a small business room to save space, the Ironing board can be mounted on the wall. For clean and ironed linen equip the cabinets, or, again, the trash and carefully look and carefully stored. Laundry room, even if it’s a small laundry — the same area of your house like any other — get some decorative pots or put a vase with greenery and flowers to enliven the space.

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Where to organize a Laundry room in the apartment or house?

Besides the obvious places, multi-functional, ergonomic and convenient laundry room can be equipped in the most unexpected corners of the house. The only “but” to the laundry in this case should be treated in terms of style and design as closely as the main rooms. The location of the Laundry room in the home office – unexpected, but for many an effective solution. Will appreciate it wish to accomplish several things at once: to erase and to work. Place washing may be separated from the working space of the cabinet beautiful doors, drapes, a screen or sliding partition.

The location of the washing machine, and other components in the kitchen is also a very popular solution. What to do when you account for every square meter? Professional designers can help you to place the laundry and hallway. Washing machines and laundry facilities are easy to hide in closets so you’ll never guess where your laundry. Remember that the Laundry room can be any part of the house or room in the apartment, but be sure that it harmoniously with pleasant interior and functionality.

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Clever lighting: poor lighting is a loyal friend of clutter and general disorder. Normal fluorescent light automatically puts the space from the category auxiliary in the category of living rooms, and clean laundry becomes much easier.

Everything: the mess inevitably creates a feeling of neglect, so even the dirty linen should be strictly reserved for him. The ideal option is a closed laundry basket.

Wall cabinets: closed wall cabinets free up space on the floor and provide the ground for creative exploration – wing cabinets can be painted with bright colors and decorate with quirky décor.

Chemical laboratory: all household cleaning products, from Laundry detergent to the descaling solution can be stored in a special locker in the laundry room. Not only will this allow you to keep things clean and tidy, but will make was home more safe.

Wall mount Ironing board: if the area of the utility room is small, it’s preferable to use a folding ironing board which is unnecessary can always be raised vertically and fixed on the wall. Clean clothes must leave the laundry in the perfectly ironed.

Like any other room, the laundry room can liven up and beautify potted flowers. In addition, it is possible to move a couple of bookshelves to hold speaker stereo. Thus, boring laundry from the utility room will become a room where you can stay alone with own thoughts.

room ideas

A successful combination of home office and small laundry room.

Association laundry room and home office is a great idea for those owners of the house or apartment that they can perform several things at once: the household chores (namely laundry), and directly work. Also the cabinet in the laundry room is a great idea for those who want to have a mini-office, but it doesn’t have enough space in the house or apartment. All you need in this case is a small desk and chair, and if necessary, a bookcase that easily can be compactly placed in a small laundry room.

Designers Francesca Owings Interior Design small organized laundry room right in the office with an open layout, which is harmoniously combined with the living room of a private home. Homemade laundry separated from the rest of the space white wooden doors, which optionally can be closed, hiding the washing machine and laundry facilities from guests of the house.

room ideas

Small home office with Laundry area.

A major role in the organization of the laundry service and other areas of the house or apartment, plays the right lighting. In the laundry room must be a sufficient amount of natural light that can be obtained through the spacious Windows to the floor, glass walls or doors, roof Windows. The laundry room also must be equipped with the necessary amount of artificial lighting for the evening time of the day or winter season.

In the photo below we see another stylish Laundry combined immediately with the home office, and kitchen area. The interior of the room was developed by the designers of the company UB Kitchens – San Antonio. Small laundry room in bright colours in a contemporary style, large window fills the room with enough lighting and for the evening time of the day the designers have placed above the desk, a number of bright lights.

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Dorm room ideas

In life there are different situations in which place of residence is a dorm room: student or at the time of study resides in youth “common house”, or a young couple decided to live independently. Make repairs in the room, and it turns out that in a hostel you can live beautifully and comfortably. Following some tips is easy and inexpensive to change the design of the dorm room, turning it into a modern and comfortable dwelling.

Design dorm room

First of all, you have to sit at the table with pencil in hand and draw up a scheme of redevelopment of your room, which will indicate the location of the furniture. For each person living in the room of the person needs to be a bed, a wardrobe, a table with chairs. Choosing a color scheme design a small dorm room, use no more than three colors and eliminate various mottled patterns, giving the impression of a mess. The main element of the interior of the room is, of course, the bed. So you need to try to make it look as best as possible. Experiment, picking up her blanket, linens. An important role here can play pillows, nicely matched to a General style and a soft blanket, which can hide in the cold night, and cover with them a bed.

The next important point in the design of the interior design of dorm rooms is the lighting and flooring. Buy stylish sconces or fashionable floor lamp with a shade and your room will immediately become more comfortable. And comfort her to add a beautiful mat by the bed or flooring.

Special attention should be given to the walls in the dorms are usually whitewashed or painted in light shades. And it is very useful, because such walls can be decorated with posters, rugs, paintings and painting in general, everyone will tell you that fantasy. The main thing – that these decorations aren’t distracting from the overall design style of dorm room. Don’t forget about the various accessories with which you can create an original interior design dorm room. However, it should be guided by a sense of proportion.

To save space in small rooms, you can purchase a furniture – transformer. Putting in the room folding table or chair-bed, folding sofa or folding chairs, you have so needed one to two meters of free space. To create a room design in the family residence all the previous advice is also acceptable. The walls in the room should be light, they will visually enlarge the space. On the floor you can put linoleum or even hardwood. If you need to make room for the nursery, into the niche (if any) is better to place the wardrobe. And for the child to put a bunk bed.

Seriously going to create a new design to your dorm room, it is possible to transform it into a cozy home.

room ideas

Students from other cities often have to live in the dorm for several years, and not only students, adults that moved to another city also initially have to live in the hostel business. And how many will live, nobody knows. Therefore the question is – whether to do the repair or not. To live in a room where the wallpaper is torn, no one ten years had nothing painted, and not very nice. Hunting, on the contrary, to come home from school or work, go into the room, and I was happy. But to do the smart repair also makes no sense. Many are trying to stay long in the hostel. Therefore, as a minimum you will need to hang new wallpaper, paint the battery and door and ceiling.

Repair is best to start at the weekend, a day or two. As not the fact that you will get it all done in one day. Take a piece of paper and start to plan your future new room. Ideally, if you learn some program design and bring your dream to life to start there.

You can fantasize yourself or to consult a specialist. Once you’ve decided what and where you will stand, that is made up of a room, you can move to action.

To start, you need to make all of the furniture out of the room, if this is not possible, you can buy the film and enjoyed it all.

Then as much as possible to release the walls, remove the plaster, tear off the wallpaper, if you want to remove the doors and so on.

If you have a large room and you want to make it two rooms, e.g. the bedroom and kitchen, you can put a partition interior. Further, it is desirable to have outlets, because the few who comes to them hands and they are so old and rusty. Than later, you will have electrical outlets, the possibility of sunbathing less.

If your room will have a landline phone, TV cable and Internet, but it’s time to lay another cable. With a great desire, you can touch up the walls – cover them with primer, putty and plaster. If possible, you can replace the old window with the new. You must then begin to paint the walls and ceiling. Further, the flooring to lay, wallpaper. To engage in the installation of baseboards. Install switches and sockets. To hang the lights. And, of course, don’t forget about the trash – take out the trash. And arrange the furniture.

The order of repair is basically not changed, it is possible to delete from the list any item. For example, if you don’t want to put a partition or wall plastering. If the order is changed, it may raise unnecessary garbage, and it is possible that some points do and have to redo it again.

Thus, like a dorm room, but how much will kill time and effort. No need to be sorry or not to finish something, let it all be done with the mind, than to come home and look at these horrible walls and I’m afraid of electrical wiring. If you are going to live in the room five years so, how are the students from the first to the fifth year, then the perfect renovation in the early years will not hurt. But then, coming from school, eyes will rejoice, and will be pleased to be in the room.

room ideas

The first task which confronts us visually enlarge the space. For this purpose you should use a bright wallpaper and clean a large floor. If the ceilings are low, choose a ceiling tile with a small figure, the height of the walls will visually increase. No dark or bulky items. Not suitable for bright or matte shades.

A relaxation area

After the wallpaper is glued, floor, and ceiling made, the second aim is the division of land into small areas. Where everything comes to rest, place the bed, it is desirable that it can be folded into a neat seat. So will be the day to welcome guests and in the evening to put her to sleep. The perfect solution – a folding sofa. Beside the furniture includes bedside tables. If you have not yet bought it, that is glossy and bright colors. More to the lounge is a cupboard for clothes. When selecting this element of the interior is better to stay on the sliding doors with the presence of the mezzanine: the place is save and convenient. On the considered area to place the TV. Preferably with an LCD screen. It’s not only stylish to fit into any design of a small dorm room, but will allow you to save extra space. It is desirable that it’s visible from any seat in the room.

room ideas


This zone should be the smallest. Here it is necessary to put a computer desk and chair. You can place a small hinged shelf to stack her books. If necessary, place a chandelier and another nightstand. The design of the dorm room. The kitchen area is a small area of the room consists of a table with chairs and a small refrigerator. On the wall you can hang a cabinet for storing utensils and some products (candy, tea, sugar). The design of the dorm room. Entrance hall there is the question of where to locate the top clothing. The ideal option is to buy a special small locker, but it’s in fact the case, if space permits. If not, use the wall hanger. In no case don’t buy a floor because it will reduce the clutter of the space of the already narrow room. You also don’t want to?

room ideas

The scenery

The final stage – the extra decorations to achieve the desired interior. On the wall to hang a beautiful but not bulky picture or flowers. On the windows host plants. On the floor lay a carpet of bright colors, it will give a small room a little peace of mind.

Room design for girls

Design dorm room for girls must meet the following parameters:

  • The ceiling should be light.
  • The space can be increased due to the large mirror and bright surfaces of the walls.
  • Not be superfluous and bright laminate flooring.

In any case, don’t make the room dark, and use dark details. In order to properly organize the layout of the room for girls, place a dining area along one of the narrow walls. But if you rarely use the shared kitchen, under the sink you can put a small fridge, and on top of the electric hob or microwave.

Compact room for a student might look as follows:

  • Along one wall is the couch.
  • Opposite him is a cupboard, a computer table and a bedside table for cosmetics or dresser.
  • Under the window or near the wall can accommodate a table.
  • If the room is very small, use instead of a chest wall shelves, located above the sofa.

If the room is done in soothing pastel colors you can use vivid detail and textile in the same style to enhance the room interior for girls. If the room is bright enough, you should give preference to light-colored textiles. On the walls hang small pictures, paintings or mirrors. Due to this, the room will be visually wider. And made in similar shades of the curtains, rug, bedspread and pillows that will completely transform the interior.

room ideas

Room design for guy

Young people can afford striking design. The layout can be organized as follows:

  • A desk and a bed are placed along the long wall.
  • If the room lives two people, the furniture can be arranged in the form of the letter G. But in this case it may become necessary thermal insulation of windows.
  • Position the cabinet parallel to the window, resulting in a niche where you can position a comfortable dining area. Put a kitchen table and a small fridge.

If the room is too small, and the room two living people, it is better to use a bunk bed. It will save not only square footage, but will make the room spacious.

In the men’s room it’s advisable to use dark details, dark blue, black and brown. If the dimensions of the room allow, they can occupy a large area, if not – better to use a separate dark elements. The carpet, bedspread, dishes and curtains will set the table for the whole interior. Don’t forget table lamps and floor lamps that can transform the interior beyond recognition.

room ideas


room ideas

Room design for family

All clear housing for students. What to do if the dorm room is home to a married couple? The interior to perform better in warm tones. To create comfort perfect peach, light orange and yellow shades. Dark accents will look spectacular. Color to the dark color of the battery, doors and window frames. These items are made in a single color will give the interior integrity.

The layout is as follows:

  • A sofa is placed closer to the window in the longitudinal wall. It is possible to put a kitchen corner and a table that can serve both for cooking and as dining areas.
  • If you have a large enough room, you can put a refrigerator and an additional work surface at the opposite window wall.
  • Computer desk and wardrobe can be placed in front of the sofa. If you do not frequently use the computer, you can buy a laptop and sit at the dining table or on the couch.

These basic principles allow you to create functional design of the dorm room. Thanks to the thoughtful functional design, you will feel happy even in such a small room.

room ideas

To make repairs in a dorm room – easy! Stick to our tips and you will see that it isn’t so difficult to transform their shack in a modern youth housing.

So the first step!

The first step in the renewal of the dorm room is the redevelopment of the premises. Talk to the neighbors and together create a rough drawing of your room with placement of all furniture, showing all of the locations. As a rule, the rooms in our hostels on a small area, and therefore have to spend a bit of time to create a drawing showing locations for furniture to finally decide where that will be in the room to stand. Of course, the ideal variant is when the room has sleeping places for all who live in it, that is, for each shall be provided with a bed and a place for clothes storage, wardrobe and room for a table.

Step two – choose a color scheme!

As the room hostel room is small, then it’s best to stay on the color palette of three shades. In the interior of the room is desirable to avoid an excessive number of patterns and ornaments, such as “combat” coloring can give a small room a sense of disorder and randomness.

If not fundamentally alter the interior of a dorm room can liven up the interiors of ordinary things.

The list of items that will enliven a room in a hostel:

  • For bed essential items including blanket, bed sheets, blanket, pillow.
  • Undoubtedly, in a small room, bed is the central piece of furniture, and therefore make sure that it looked the best, because it not you and your neighbors will see on a daily basis.
  • And yet your bed is a perfect place to play of different fabrics and textures, play unusual color combination.
  • Cushion is perhaps the best option of decoration of the interior, selected under style, they will be an interesting way to decorate your bed. Remember, cushions, pillows nice and bright – not much happens!
  • And, of course, isn’t superfluous plaid! Moreover, it’s in the cold will warm you with it’s warmth, it also diversifies your interior! Buy bright soft plaid in a rich hue, which, to escape and make his bed.

room ideas

Pay attention to flooring and lighting!

What subjects required interior room in the dorm? You will need a desk lamp, sconce or floor lamp, a carpet or floor covering, you can use striped carpet or carpet tile.

These two aspects are very easy to miss the interior room of a hostel, but it’s not worth it! Beautiful colored mat by the bed or in the middle of the room, stylish wall lamp or floor lamp with a trendy shade, or even the lamp on the bedside nightstand – can change the interior of your room the better.

Usually in hostels is very sharp and unpleasant on the light here is just useful desk lamp, sconce or a floor lamp because they have their glow will give the room soft lighting, create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. And wall sconces is an interesting option to add to your room lighting, especially, wall lights selling a wide range of – funny, romantic styles.

Love the candles in the interior? Put some flameless candles in the room, but only flameless, because in the hostel is prohibited to use open fire, and you will be calmer.

Color striped rug or mat in flower will give your room a homely atmosphere, all this would look good in the hostel. A colorful carpet tiles is another option inexpensive floor covering.

room ideas

Decorate the walls!

As a rule, the walls in rooms painted in light shades. And it’s really, really good – before you clean, bright field for your creative work. The interior walls you can decorate anything: posters and paintings, posters and wall rugs, decorative objects and paintings, in a word, imagination is encouraged, most importantly, wall decorations aren’t distracting from the overall style of the room interior. The walls in the room is generally ideal to bring unique ideas and ideas for interior decoration in different styles and directions.

Posters can be pasted on the wall just so, and it’s possible to approach this question is original, creative and arrange them in a frame and baguettes. The easiest decor to decorate the walls with fun photos of family or friends, you can stick pictures of the unexpected and exciting sculptures.

room ideas

And don’t forget about the accessories!

Perhaps the most important and the most dramatic part of any interior. We know when interior design it comes to accessories, then arrange them in the interior, to pick the right to the style of the room, arrange them – in short, the work complexity isn’t inferior to painting and decorating! Accessories can either complement it beautifully, making richer and richer, breathed life into him, or vice versa, hopelessly to ruin, if not chosen with taste.

Look up what you like, find interesting items, and they may not be the most expensive – as, for example, a wooden sculpture or a porcelain knick-knacks that are at home in the attic or the attic, to express themselves through these small items. You can do them with your hands – songs their dry twigs or flowers, these can be pictures from other natural materials, and can be knitted doilies, word, anything!

Some additional tips for interior design dorm room!

And you and your roommate liked the same blanket? So why don’t you buy two of the same? In the dorm room, it will look very not bad!

Girls that adorn the room the same patterns and colours, often create a very attractive interior.

Actually, come to creative interior design of your room. For example, put in a picture frame not a picture, and beautiful wrapping paper or unusual in texture and color of the fabric. Than you are not creative?

room ideas

Kids and baby room ideas

Making a children’s room with your hands, you should consider many factors. First, finishing it in no way needs to affect the health of the child. Secondly, the furniture should be safe and natural, so the use of plastic, we should also refrain. Thirdly, bright colors and large pictures can quickly get bored or, worse, make the child aggressive, quick-tempered. But let’s discuss it in detail, like how the design of the room to choose.

We aren’t talking about the style of the nursery. It can be high-tech or country, minimalist or provence. It is important that the child is like you have created. It is his or her world, for you flat, you are in a hurry after work. So, your daughter or son should want to be there, relax, do homework, bring friends. If the baby is small, and a grand renovation with the replacement of furniture then do not want, you should consider the interior so that the room to grow with your child. The minimum number of changes, and new design child’s room with their hands ready to translate.

Choose the nursery

It was wrong to give the child the small room. Here you feel comfortable to cook, eat, sleep, watch TV, work on the computer in the room of 8-12 square meters? Therefore, kids room should be bright, warm, spacious and protected from noise.

Spacious baby room can be divided into zones. It must be a sleeping place, a work or study area, a place for rest and play. This also is to enter the storage system and a sports area (wall bars, punching bag, or just a place where you can jump rope, darts, spin the hoop). And each zone should be safe, well thought-out. That this should be children’s own hands, in the photo you will see that it’s doable.

room ideas

Finish a child’s room

Have you decided to paste over the wall wallpaper or paint them the finish color choose neutral, natural. Bright, acid colors can affect the mood and even on his mind. By that neutral palette is fertile ground for decorations child’s own hands.

Our children have favorite fairy-tale characters, cartoon characters. Teenagers like city views, city streets, architecture, sky and light. On one of the walls, you can stick a photo with their image. For other walls, choose wallpaper with a pattern that won’t get bored soon: butterflies, plants, soft machine, plush toy. Remember, they serve as a background for the desktop and not have to divert attention to himself.

By day he’s a neutral color. And at night it lights up with a myriad of stars.

room ideas


In the nursery should be light. Therefore, light sources should be plenty.

This central lamp or chandelier that fits the style of the room, and a night light or a sconce near the bed with soft light, and the lamp in the working area.

If there is a guest room or play area, there also should put a floor lamp. It must be sustainable with a closed canopy. Then if he accidentally falls, broken light bulb will remain inside and not sleep enough shards to the outside.

room ideas


If you listened to our advice and made the room in neutral colours, the furniture can be and bright, acidic. With its help it is possible to do in one room, the bedroom, study and living room:

  1. The bed or sofa. The room is very spacious? Then there will fit a bed and a small sofa, in case friends want to stay the night. The bed can be separated by a screen or curtains.
  2. Don’t want to clutter the room? Then buy a sofa-transformer with leaving an extra bed.
  3. Instead of traditional chairs, scribble on the floor a few bean bags. They are comfortable, lightweight and quickly assembled in a pyramid, if not needed.
  4. Furniture should be light and varying in height, consisting of separate modules. If necessary, you can always change the layout by moving the wardrobe or chest of drawers. The clothes, the rollers can be stored in the closet with rattan panels. Wardrobe space is a little, but it is very roomy.
  5. In the work area place a table, which would be in addition to the books and puzzles would fit computer peripherals. Fortunately, now you can choose a reliable table with different prefixes, extensions for monitor, scanner, printer, etc. And don’t forget about the comfortable, ergonomic chair. Stool from the kitchen will not work.
  6. On open shelves we can put the disks, cars, a collection of toys (both boys and girls collect them), dolls downstairs to put baskets to organize small things.
  7. If your child is often come friends, you will need a table for tea parties, colouring books or jigsaw puzzle.
  8. The TV can be hung on the wall or placed on a TV cabinet.
  9. Girls may need a bedside table or a dressing table – somewhere they need to smarten up.

room ideas

Ideas for children’s room

Look to your child. What does he like best? What are his or her interests? Your task is to unlock the potential of the child, not to impose your own taste. Children’s decor with your own hands is more likely to get the approval of their son or daughter, because you do it with love.

The theme of princesses

Room for girls can be finished in soft pastel tones to complement her accessories in pink color.

Muslin curtains, wallpapers with a fairytale castle, a bed with a headboard in the shape of a crown, and chests for jewelry, a table with the dolls.

The shelves are dolls, princess books, fairy-tale themed. Over the bed canopy made of transparent fabric.

room ideas

The theme of the seas, oceans

The finishing should be done in white, blue and green colours.

For this room, you can book a bed in the shape of a ship, such as furniture.

But it is more practical to add to the interior of ropes, wheel, marine accessories, trunks, upholstered in “iron”. The child can change the flavors and change the furniture troublesome and expensive.  And so – I removed the decorations and the room can again transform.

For one of the walls, choose wallpaper with a picture of the beauty of the underwater world, marine life. Hang a picture with a map of pirate treasure, above the bed to tension the sail.

Put on the table a globe, near the window a telescope. The windows hang curtains, reminiscent of a fisherman’s net, or wooden blinds.

room ideas

Rules for children’s room

You should try to optimally use the space of the room. The child should comfortably fit all necessary furniture, but it should be plenty of space for games. Very useful to separate the room into zones – for playing games, sleeping and studying. In each area should stand some furniture. For example, the walls in the sleeping area to be painted in a peaceful shade of blue, in the area of study in a neutral green, and in the area of games – in a bright, cheerful shades.

room ideas

In the nursery should be a very good lighting, both natural and artificial – large window, easily opening the curtains, bright lamps, sconces and floor lamps.

The room should not be dark corners, but the lighting should not be Intrusive. Therefore, discard of fluorescent lamps, choose a yellowish bulb. The switch should be on the available height for the child. Next to the crib, hang the lamp on the desktop, put a table lamp, and during the games illuminates the top light.

room ideas

It is very important to consider color scheme of the nursery. Wallpaper should not be too bright, dark or aggressive colors. Ideal bright wallpaper with a few bright spots and pictures. Nice neutral wallpaper, against which the well will look children’s paintings, posters, watches and other bright decorations. Bed linen and curtains for the children’s best choose with fairy tale motifs, cartoon characters and fun drawings.

Interesting ideas for design of children’s

To make the nursery not only convenient and safe but also fun for baby, connect your imagination or pay attention to the following ideas.

As you know, kids love to draw on the walls. To avoid this, put a special screen-easel and put it in a convenient location. Now, when the child wants to draw, it won’t spoil the wallpaper, and embody his creative imagination on the easel.

Want your child sleeping soundly by night, make his bed more interesting. For example, hang the headboard of the bed air soft cloud. For this you will need a small plate, painted in blue color. It must be set in the headboard of the bed and onto her white pillow in the shape of a cloud.

To give the first graders a thirst for knowledge, can be hung on door or wall a small blackboard, made of plywood and painted with dark paint. With this Board the child can playfully learn the lessons.

If dad wields the hammer and planer, it can make for your child’s original writing desk. For this you need a plate for the table top and unusual legs. For example, you can cut the legs of wood boards in the form of letters – the initials of the name of the child. The letters should be painted bright paint and attach with screws.

The tinkerers can do for his children is a beautiful, multi-colored boxes on wheels. Children can put their toys and other “treasures”.

The radiators in the nursery it’s best to close the decorative screen, painting it with bright colors.

On the floor would look good rug, woven from multicolored patches.

And on the walls you can hang colourful pictures with fantastic heroes.

room ideas

If your child enjoys reading, but the problem with the location of even a small number of books there – take our advice. Now almost all hardware stores you can find shelves for spices. You don’t even have to cast over them – attaching them to the wall or door, you will receive the original shelves where you can place a small book collection. Of course, over time, the awakened desire to read and will force you to buy something more serious, but for the first time, your desire to streamline the space and wishes of the child to entertain yourself with a good book will be satisfied. Tip: you can place the shelves at a convenient height for the child – he will be able to get books at any time.

room ideas

Ideas of nurseries for newborns

The first four years of his life, the child is like a sponge absorbs information about the surrounding things. Create the nursery attractive and interesting world full of characters from fairy tales and cartoons, birds and animals, which will contribute to the development of imagination and aesthetic taste of a new family member. In addition, follow these recommendations:

Wallpaper. You can go down a trodden path and make room for baby girl pink and boy blue, but it’s better to use more interesting solutions. Use pastel colors without bright spots of color that can be a cause of worry and fatigue of the baby. In extreme cases, you can paste over one wall with contrasting wallpaper with pictures of flowers, butterflies or plot a drawing from cartoon.

Furniture. The optimum kit for baby: crib, playpen, changing table, dresser for clothes and a chair. Choose convertible furniture that can be modified as the child grows and their needs. It is desirable that the height of the table and chair can be adjusted, and the cradle had a built-in cabinet and easily rebuilt into a bed for an adult child.

Textiles. Using light flowing fabrics and interesting brightly coloured mats can be placed color accents in the nursery. Looks very nice on a canopy cradle and transparent curtains and soft rugs.

Don’t forget to arrange a place for mom. It can be compact, bright sofa, couch or rocking chair. It is desirable that the room was evenly lit. To do this, use spotlights, sconces and lamp shades.

room ideas

Design ideas for child’s room

Reflecting on the theme, be sure to consider the sex of the baby.

When designing a boy’s room is best to use a modern approach. The boy is not a romantic girl! He rather loved the multifunctional furniture and designer lighting than the pretentiousness of traditional furniture.

In search of nursery ideas for a boy you should refer to the most favorite men’s topics:

  1. Follow the passions of your child. If he is attracted to trains, cars, planes and spaceships, the technical subject – this is the best choice. Unusual bed in the shape of a locomotive or car will become the main decoration of “technical” room. Complement the interior of bright posters, a homemade model cars and big toys.

room ideas

  1. If your child is a restless activist, it’s logical to decorate his room in sports theme. Complete interior boxing punching bag, wall bars, diplomas in frames and posters with their favorite athletes.

room ideas

  1. Nature and travel. This is perfect for two kids. Decorate a room in neutral shades of beige, blue, yellow, green. As accessories use large potted plants, a mural depicting the continents and their inhabitants of animals.

room ideas

Dining room ideas

Before you begin to arrange a dining area, you have to determine how much space you are willing to allocate and to think through its purpose – will it be used for family dinners or for entertaining. To estimate how much space you will need for dining set, you need to calculate the maximum acceptable amount of people at the table, and to estimate the table size based on the number of necessary chairs.

In your calculations, keep in mind that every chair should be free area to move and in it’s extended position, each could easily take it’s place. This is the ideal. Due to lack of space in our homes, we either have the chairs in one end of the table to the wall or put on the kitchen sofa, but the rules remain at the outer part of the table should remain a free passage between fixed seats and desks should not be too crowded.

room ideas

For small rooms it’s better to take a round dining table, as it allows you to seat more people. In some cases, for example, if you want to stick the table to the wall and push it only occasionally, or you have a narrow room, it’s more rational to choose a rectangular shape — evaluate yourself that is more suitable for your interior. The photos below illustrates these two options.

room ideas

All homeowners who have the opportunity to allocate an entire room for a dining room or find a space in the living room for dining, you may be interested in this publication devoted to the selection table and attributes to it. An impressive collection of design projects, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and even libraries with dining tables will provide you with a wide range of choice of this important piece of furniture for the whole family. Many options of colors, use different materials for the manufacture and decoration of dining tables, to help you make your own right, bold, and perhaps a creative choice.

room ideas

If you have a separate room for dining, the table selection is key in the planning of the design project of the room for eating, socializing and organizing parties, receptions, entertain guests. The table will be the focal point around which the entire concept of the interior dining room or living room with separate dining area. And already around the table there will be chairs, auxiliary furniture and decorative items, cabinets, racks, dressers and only then the walls, floor and ceiling. If we move in this direction in the design space dining room, it’s possible to achieve the successful execution of the interior of the room where it will be nice to meet not only all members of the family for lunch and dinner, but also relatives and friends of your home.

room ideas

Round and oval dining tables

In case your dining room or area in the living room you have allocated for dining, has the shape of a square, circle, semicircle or oval, it is a logical option as a dining table will be the model in the form of a circle. Standard for a family of four is considered to be the dining table of diameter  1m. To calculate the diameter of the table for a greater number of sitting, you will need to know in advance what model chairs or even mini-chairs will stand around your center of focus. On average, for every sitting, it is necessary to allocate 0.7 – 0.8 m of space, but it all depends on the physique of your household, models of chairs and the size of the zone of eating and socializing.

room ideas


room ideas

It should be noted that not all homes people can afford to take under the dining room an entire room. Often, the role of the dining room acts as a living room or kitchen. However, if the plan and the area, these premises can be combined into one. Should not be considered a home dining room a relic of the “bourgeoisie”, which refers to luxury and wealth. After all tooling in house and let the small dining room, you will be able to fully enjoy all its advantages. For example, home dining room is the ideal place for a pleasant joint meals not only with family but with friends.

To design the dining room should be treated with great awe and attention, because in this place you will be spending a very long period of free time. What will be the interior of your dining room depends on the layout of the house. You need to decide is whether the dining room is a separate room, or you combine it with the living room or kitchen. The interior of the “United” dining room must harmonize with the overall decor of the room. Nevertheless, a dining room should stand out. You can, for example, to define the boundaries with the help of flooring: for kitchens perfect tile, but for the dining room – parquet or laminate.

By the way, the followers of Feng Shui dining room arranged only in accordance with this theory. For example, the mandatory conditions is that it must be somewhere near the kitchen. Thus welcomed the presence of a sufficiently large number of furniture. The main thing is that it doesn’t restrict movement. Regarding the choice of the dining table, it’s best to give preference to round or tables. The main rule – no sharp corners! As for the location table, it’s best to put it between the window and the door. Mirrors in the dining room are welcome too – the more, the better! The fact that they perform two important functions: first, to visually expand the space, and secondly, cause a person a feeling of well-being and abundance, the illusory doubling the amount of food on the table. It’s also worth to pay attention to the lighting of the dining room – it should be very bright. Hang in there, life-affirming paintings with natural motifs that fill the space with positive energy.

room ideas

Interior design dining room-living room

By combining the kitchen with dining area, a space of the common room, you can make multi-functional and comfortable. Indoors will certainly need to separate the work area from the dining room. This is part of the door arch opening, which will make the appearance stylish and will give the room a light and open space.

The floors are connected by stairs, ceilings, situated on several levels, various sliding doors are well suited for space division into zones in modern design. Application in the design areas of materials of different textures and colors allows to choose the most successful solutions to trim spaces and visually divide the area.

room ideas

As kitchen area requires wet cleaning, it’s recommended to make different varieties of tiles for floors and walls, linoleum and washable wallpaper. In the dining area using the materials in a comfortable atmosphere and comfort. Here, by the way, will be paintable wallpaper, fabric, different carpeting, parquet or laminate.

Combined living and dining room, becomes a convenient and practical option, as it’s possible to quickly go to the lounge right after eating and continue to communicate there. Basically, the separation of recreation areas and the dining room is achieved by light barriers, serving as a decoration or furniture, so there is the opportunity just to relax with family and friends and have a meal.

A cozy atmosphere, relaxing in this room, creates furniture. In addition to furniture which is a must for the dining room, you need to put a set of soft furniture, a musical center, TV large dimensions, etc. Venetian plaster in the apartment will allow you to create the living room interior in the spirit of the Renaissance. It is perfect for living rooms with fireplace, decorated in classical style and in the eclectic style.

room ideas

The Union rooms

This bold device, which consists in the demolition of the walls, has become very popular among design projects for small living rooms. You can combine the living room with a kitchen or hallway and can be completely removed walls, leaving only fenced bedrooms.

This decision will allow not only to fit all the necessary furniture, but also to make the space more (like actually and visually). The lack of walls to give a room lightness and “unload” it.

room ideas

If you decide to combine the living room with a kitchen, a dining area can be both the living room and at the border zones, speaking link. Place the dining table at the place where previously was a wall. Before purchase and installation of furniture, make sure that you have enough free space and pass from the living room to the kitchen will be easy.

This option can save the situation only in the case if the kitchen area is large enough. A small kitchen will not add additional square meters living room. However, it is possible to alter the original dining table. Put a wide bar border kitchen and living room, it will replace a table and can accommodate up to 5 people. If you want to invite guests, then this option will not work. To fit behind the bar, the more people it will be very difficult, and bar chairs — not the most convenient way to accommodate guests.

room ideas

Room divider ideas

Many familiar with this problem when the available square feet in the dwelling is just not enough, and the question that you need to divide the room into two zones. However, to be sad because of such issues prematurely is not worth it. Any living space initially contains the potential for a cozy and comfortable arrangement so that the lack of available places wasn’t felt excessively.

For this apartment you just need to divide certain areas, it is suitable for their purposes. Interior designers have long used the principle of zoning to make housing a harmonious and maximally comfortable for the person. There are many techniques that help to initially expand a small room, not only visually.

In any home owner can find the so-called hidden areas, and then to arrange these parameters correctly. If you are just moving into a new home, that empty space is seen as a completely clean canvas. On it you have to realize personal ideas of imagination. Practical experience often suggests that even a completely empty apartment is a lot extra. An example of this can serve as a major divider, the room from the balcony. If thoroughly warmed the balcony, and then such a partition to carry, the room becomes more square.

room ideas

The balcony is often a place where people keep do not need them in fact things clogging up valuable space with junk. Meanwhile, the insulated balcony can be turned into a mini-dining room or small study, where you in peace can work on the computer or allow your child to have lessons. The border between the balcony and room after demolition of partitions it is possible to identify, with the assistance of the cabinet.

But can this region don’t dissociate, thereby increasing the area of the room. Quite a lot of space can appear if a small apartment to supplement all sorts of niches. The niche may well cope with the role of a full wardrobe or dressing room. You’ll be able to save not only space but also money, which you can then spend to purchase the desired one of the two small apartments closet. In general, there’s no need to fear the prospect of the destruction of the walls.

But this, of course, doesn’t apply to supporting structures. Breaking temporary wall in a number of places in the apartment, you can significantly increase the usable area. Make two small rooms one spacious, then you can skillfully use design techniques to properly equip the vacant place. Instead of temporary walls you can make decorative wall, equipped with multiple shelves. Your apartment will gain a more modern look.

room ideas

And every inch of free space will get a chance for a competent practical use. Many people hesitate to do a reconstruction of his apartment, believing that for such purposes you must first gather many different documents and to obtain a permit. But skillfully divide the housing into zones is possible without the consent of the relevant authorities. How to divide the room into zones? Everyone his apartment to be divided into sectors without needless and absolutely unnecessary trouble.

It should be noted that the so-called studio apartments are enjoying great popularity today. The kitchen is separated from the room serving as a dining room, with the help of the various options of flooring. Of course, for the floor in the kitchen make optimal use of the finish of the tiles. But in the room-the dining room you can lay the linoleum. Keep in mind, if you want to merge the zones in the apartment, initially with a different purpose, then you definitely need to think of a way to quality sound insulation.

If you have children, they will annoy you with their noise. Sound insulation is possible to provide with use and proper placement of the same wardrobe, which is a substitute of the wall. Or you can build a baffle with many small lockers and shelves. It’s not necessary to make the partition or cabinets to order. You can consider in detail the future layout of furniture, accurately measure all the parameters and calculate the number of meters that you wish to allocate to the appropriate zone.

room ideas

But here are some recommendations. If you plan to combine between areas for work and rest, then the working area on the meter is better to make slightly less. Divide the room into two zones is not conceivable without installing or moving switches and sockets. Areas in the room should ideally have it’s own source of illumination. While furnishing it is better to refrain from using such types of furniture that seem to back wall.

Generally, in confined spaces a variety of purely decorative attributes that serve a purely aesthetic purpose, must be at a minimum. Sofas, cabinets, shelves and, of course, the cabinets in the first place should meet the functions of the competent division into zones. To identify areas in a limited area possible and without setting clear boundaries.

With this task perfectly cope the difference and contrast in color, texture, and construction on the floor of the catwalk or at different levels. In one apartment the division into zones shouldn’t be too pushy. In zoned area in the future must be a harmonious interior in a single stylistic direction. To share an apartment, if the use of the following describes the methods and the appropriate tool. First, pay attention to the furniture.

room ideas

Its individual components have to cope with the function of the divider. For example, in the nursery to identify areas you can use several low shelves or racks. Enough to fix them to the wall at a certain angle. Just adding a shelf on one side of the tabletop, the child will get the perfect place to study.

The role of the conventional boundaries between kitchen and dining space can also perform a tabletop, with one hand propped the metal “barrel”. Perfectly separates the zone the apartment is a corner sofa. To isolate the bed from the living area with the help of the wardrobe. Along with partitions with the task of creating boundaries can handle this attribute as a screen.

A piece of furniture again today got a demand. The screen can be selected in accordance with the general criteria for the design of your apartment. But there are so-called universal screens that harmonize perfectly in any interior. Partitions are installed only on the sides of the main “entry” into the allocated area, ideal for bedroom selection. The partition is easy to build from gypsum cardboard.

room ideas


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