TOP-11 coolest ideas for a cozy home office layout in small apartments.

It may seem impossible the idea of creating a working room in a small apartment. But often it is a necessity. In such cases, use a non-standard uses of the available space.

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Under the bed

Absolutely not enough space to put a desk? Then this solution is perfect for you. All you need is a loft bed, which will replace your usual sleeping place. After purchase simply place the bed under your desk.

design ideas

The compact design and dark wood

Such a working area is unmatched! A few pots with flowers, personal belongings, several frames with paintings or photographs, and here is this piece of furniture has already successfully entered into the interior of the whole room, despite its unusual shape.

design ideas

Table with shelves

Perhaps the simplest solution for your home office is a multifunctional table. It can be used not only for the usual all purpose, but also as a storage for stationery and many other accessories.

design ideas

A tiny table

The less you have, the less should be a table. This option is very simple, but practical: depending on the shape of the table, are you going to put on it or only the most necessary things, such as a computer, or even different decor items, as well as the plate of food and mug of coffee.

design ideas

Turn your wardrobe in the workplace

Being restricted in space, people sometimes come to the most unexpected ideas. How about to make your closet work? To deal with important things a lot more interesting if you do it in “Narnia”. Besides, if you descend to the guests, and the table is not cleaned, the mess will be elegantly hidden behind a Cabinet door.

design ideas

Double Desk

When the house you need to put two of the Desk, even it is not inconceivable purpose. You will help this design, which was both a locker-shelf, and two small tables. All ingenious – is simple!

design ideas

Hanging organizer

Portable work area will serve as a convenient option for those who have the apartment empty square is always in different places.

design ideas

Wall table

Fans of minimalism will appreciate this idea appreciated. It not only looks modern, but almost will not affect your precious free space.

design ideas

In the hallway

Something like the office in the closet, but unlike him, the place is much smaller. From this space between the two rooms will not get a separate office, but it is possible to successfully place here the table and shelves. Very economical!

design ideas

Corner table

The corners in the apartment you can use, extracting from it the maximum benefit. For example, a corner table, whose name speaks for itself, is a corner of the room, giving you the opportunity to take a seat by the wall to other pieces of furniture.

design ideas

Folding table, rolling in wall cupboard

This piece of furniture will suit any type of interior and will take up very little space, includes two necessary components of a proper home office – a Desk and a wardrobe.

design ideas

Now you are aware of feasible ideas for creating your working area. Left to plan for the soul and to make efforts for its implementation.

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  2. A wonderful, interesting home office and useful article for me since I work at home computer, and have long wanted to do for a work area

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TOP-11 coolest ideas for a cozy home office layout in small apartments.

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