Top 11 Halloween Wreath Design Ideas

Halloween is the holiday we all love, and what is there not to love: bunch of candy,  fun costumes and of course a lot of spooky and creative decorations everywhere around. Halloween wreaths are traditional and beautiful symbol of this holiday and a perfect way to decorate the front door on a festive manner. Halloween wreaths due to the immense amount of creativity, every year are more creative and more fun which allows you to bring a beautiful Halloween touch on your front porch and create inviting and fun ambiance. We at Interior Idea, love Halloween and we feel impatient to share with you all the fun and creative Halloween wreath designs that we’ve gathered in order to inspire you. Therefore, check out the bellow Top 11 Halloween Wreath Design Ideas  and have some spooky fun.


Black Halloween Wreath

Black Halloween WreathImage Credit:DIY Crafts

This black furry wreath surely holds a Halloween spirit, but also a very chic and modern statement which could surely boost up the contemporary and festive ambiance at your front porch.


Swirl Halloween Wreath

Swirl Halloween WreathImage Credit:freshome

Such a colorful and fun wreath, right?  Halloween wreath made out of wrapping paper with cute colors and creative patterns may set a truly fun and inviting appearance of your front door, and will surely make the “trick or treaters” welcomed.


Fun Halloween Wreath

Fun Halloween WreathImage Credit:Becoming Martha

This is a really spooky and creative Halloween wreath which will decorate your front door and add interesting and fun note. The decorative bats just boost up the spooky and interesting appearance of this cool Halloween wreath.


Eyebal Halloween Wreath

Eyebal Halloween WreathImage Credit: my design dump

How cool it would be to have a wreath made out of bunch of illuminated creepy eyes, right?- This Halloween wreath will surely set up the spooky and super creative ambiance at your front porch and without any doubt will freak out all of your friends and family.


Striped Halloween Wreath

Striped Halloween WreathImage Credit;bhg

We love this stripped Halloween wreath with cute festive pumpkin. This DIY Halloween wreath looks so inviting and festive and without any doubt will set up a cheery and cool note at your front porch.


Spooky Halloween Wreath

Spooky Halloween WreathImage Credit: Diy Cozy Home

Raven’s nest as a Halloween wreath is a poetic and cool way to symbolize Halloween at your door. We love the raven figue and the overall spooky and cool appearance of this black wreath.


Elegant Halloween Wreath

Elegant Halloween WreathImage Credit: DIy Crafts

A Halloween wreath made out of black burlap and little decorative pumpkin will surely create a super bold and interesting Halloween ambiance at your front door.


Halloween Wreath

Halloween WreathImage Credit: Good Home Design

This orange Halloween wreath is so festive and fun, right? Bats, spiders and skeletons are the most popular symbols and elements that one Halloween wreath should have.


Colorful Halloween Wreath

Colorful Halloween WreathImage Credit:bhg

Delicious, spooky and colorful. Halloween wreath made out of colorful candy cones is a great way to add fun and colroful note at your door for this holiday.


Ghost Halloween Wreath

Ghost Halloween WreathImage Credit : Amazing Interior

Black Halloween wreath with ghosts can stand out proudly at your door, if you are a fan of spooky decoration. This Black Halloween wreath look super cool and spooky, right?


Chevron Halloween Wreaths

Chevron halloween WreathsImage Creditatertotsandjello

So modern and cool, right? The  Chevron Halloween wreath will set up a bit of stylish and contemporary note at your front porch. The bat garland adds the spooky note and make this wreath a perfect Halloween decoration.

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