Top 15 Christmas Stairs Decor for a Festive Staircase

Decorating the whole home in a Christmas spirit isn’t a hard thing, actually, it is a very fun, pleasant and creative thing to do. We tend to embellish and to beautify every single corner of out home, every room and even the hallway. Those of you who own a house and stairs, know that decorating the stairs make the staircase look spectacular and definitely bring a dreamy appeal to the home. We have searched and found lots of amazing staircase decor to make your hallway splendid and appealing, so here we present you the ones we found the best. Continue reading to get yourself inspired into creating an unforgettable staircase decor this holiday season. Enjoy!

Traditional Staircase Decor

ke-16Image Credit: BHG

This lovely serene white staircase is complemented with Christmas garland and lights on the railing, a couple of Christmas photos in the photo gallery, and an amazing Christmas tree with lots of presents on the ground. This is the receipt for a traditional, and truly amazing Christmas staircase decor.

Lovely Staircase Decor

ke-5-682x1024Image Credit: Jhaakas

This wonderful decorated staircase is melting our hearts. The garlands and lights on the railway, the adorable Christmas stockings, the hanging decor on the lantern, and most of all, the super charming Santa picture on the wall.

Staircase Decor with Lights

ke-4-630x1024Image Credit: Discover

Invest in lights to make an unforgettable and dreamy staircase for this festive season. Lights in combination with garlands, and all you’ll need is just a few more decorative pieces for a complete festive look of your hallway.

Spectacular Staircase Decor

ke-7-681x1024Image Credit: Martha Stewart

This staircase looks absolutely spectacular. Lots of garlands, ribbons, lights and decorative pieces all over the hallway make this incredibly spectacular staircase and hallway seem dreamy and out of this world.

Green Staircase Decor

ke-9Image Credit: HGTV

This green staircase decor displays lots of natural evergreen in combination with traditional Christmas decorative ornaments. What we like the most is probably the sledge, fulfilled with presents which is, we may say, the main charmer in the spot.

Amazing Staircase Decor

ke-19Image Credit: Digs Digs

This subtle Christmas staircase decor brings elegance and grace to this hallway. It is embellished with traditional garlands and red ribbons on the railway, and incredibly gorgeous poinsettias, which are also called Christmas flowers, that add a wow effect to the spot.

Charming Staircase Decor

ke-1Image Credit: HGTV

Simple, yet lovely Christmas staircase decor. Rich green garlands and red ribbons on the railway, and lovely light lanterns on the stairs for an absolute adorable appeal of the hallway.

Perky Staircase Decor

ke-10Image Credit: Discover

Ho, Ho, Ho, Marry Christmas. This Christmas decor complemented with Santa’s adorable laughing signs will surely bring joy and festive spirit to your staircase and the whole home as well.

Natural Staircase Decor

ke-15Image Credit: Digs Digs

Less is sometimes more, which is proven by this Christmas staircase decor. Just a few natural evergreens with white ribbons in between, placed on the railway is more than enough to bring a Christmas look to this stairs, and still keep their breezy and airy appeal.

Amazing Staircase Decor

ke-12Image Credit: We Heart It

Invest into super-big Christmas tree and place it next to the staircase if you want to stun and impress with your Christmas decor, right from the hallway.

Holy Staircase Decor

ke-3Image Credit: Miss Kopy Cat

This red and golden Christmas staircase decor displays such a festive and holy ambiance. It creates a hearth-warming atmosphere that will definitely bring joy and smile to everyone.

Beautiful Staircase Decor with Candles

ke-17Image Credit: BHG

This elegant Christmas staircase decor displays evergreen garlands, white stockings and big glass candle holders, that create a warm, welcoming and absolutely gorgeous ambiance.

Splendid Staircase Decor with Ornaments

ke-20Image Credit: Architecture and Designs

Even an outdoor stairs can be decorated in a Christmas spirit, and yes,they look amazing. Lots of flowers, garlands, ornaments, and of course a Christmas tree create a lovely outdoor Christmas ambiance.



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