Ultimate Guide To Non-Toxic Home Cleaning

One of our major responsibilities is to take care of our own and our families health. Even though it is impossible to completely isolate yourself form all kinds of toxins and pathogens that are residing all around us, there are some changes you can make in your daily habits that can help you stay healthier for longer. Besides exercising and having a healthy diet, implementing natural products to your cleaning habits is actually a really big deal. Most of the time we do not  think about this. Sure, we know that most of those supermarket cleaning products are not great for our health, but we rarely decide to dig a bit deeper into this topic and offer ourselves to the possibility of changing our stance on it. That is why we are here. We are here to tell you just how dangerous these products really are, and what substitutes you can use in order for your home to stay gleaming and your health untouched during the process.


Even though it may sound like a very daunting task, making your own cleaning products is actually very straight forward and simple. You do not need to be a chemist to do it, trust us. The best thing about this is that you can go a long way by simply relying on a few key ingredients that make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your household neat and clean. Our advice would be to start off by experimenting with baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and essential oils. All four of these ingredients can have a multitude of purposes during your cleaning sessions. For example, baking soda is great for disinfecting your toilet bowl (drop some of it straight into the bowl and pour it over with vinegar), but it can also be used as a stain remover on your carpets (sprinkle some baking soda over the wet stain and the soda will absorb it). Vinegar combined with water can make a great glass cleaner, but it can also be used to degrease and disinfect your microwave (put the mixture of vinegar and water in your microwave and turn it on for a few minutes). Lemon juice can be used for making fragrant air fresheners or for disinfecting cutting boards (mixed with salt). Some essential oils can provide you with antibacterial or antiseptic properties, besides from being good smelling.


We find it important to mention that untidy homes can appear to be like that, even when the only thing wrong with them is too much knick-knacks and stuff in general. There is a greater possibility of having a messy household if you possess a lot of stuff that is often out of place. So, next time you embark on your cleaning adventure, do pick up an empty box and fill it with everything that is bottom line redundant. We know that it can sometimes be hard to part with long owned items, but if it does not serve any purpose (nor aesthetic, nor practical), throw it away. The moral of the story is that cleaning sometimes does not have to involve any chemicals and products in order to make your home appear neater.


We would like to provide you with a list of some very harmful chemicals that should not by any means get in contact with your body, even though they can be bought in every supermarket on planet earth.

  1. AMMONIA – Mostly found in window cleaners, this chemical is very dangerous to your lungs. People who are struggling with asthma or bronchitis are especially at risk.
  2. CHLORINE – Every single bathroom cleaner is rich with chlorine. Just like ammonia, respiratory difficulties can arise from being exposed to it.
  3. PHTHALATES – Dish soaps and air fresheners are packed with PHTHALATES. This chemical can affect your endocrine system and your reproductive health.
  4. TRICLOSAN – It can be found in most laundry detergents and dish soaps. This chemical is a potential carcinogen, but it has also been associated with endocrine system disorders.

Of course, there are other harmful chemicals lurking around your home, that is why we implore you to do an in depth research on them. Be responsible and take care of your health!


Let us move on to a more practical side of things. Here are some tips and trick on what you can use instead of those unhealthy products, but still keep your home impeccably kept.

–        Sprinkling some dried herbs (lavender, thyme, etc.) around the house (especially the carpet), and vacuum them after a couple of hours. This will create a very fragrant atmosphere in your house.

–        Mixing olive oil with filtered water is a great furniture polish!

–        Use baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, salt and essential oils as much as you can, like we have mentioned in the second paragraph.


Having a well planned cleaning schedule is a real life saver. By sticking to it from day to day, you are actually saving yourself the trouble of having to do  marathon-like cleaning sessions which take up your whole day. Suddenly you will have more spare time, your house will be clean most of the time, you will feel much less pressure, etc.

We implore you to become more aware and responsible when it comes to health. We know it can sometimes be easier to take a stroll down to the supermarket and simply buy the damn thing instead of making it. Please, consequences can be brutal, and it is up to you to make the right calculation. If you think that this is not something you are going to be able to deal with, there are still other options to choose from. For example, you can hire a professional to take care of your home. Helpling.co.uk – London provides its customers with amazing and reliable services, that include non-toxic cleaning. It is so important to stay healthy, so go ahead and click on the link above. You will do yourself a favor.

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